Let’s start off with – We’re delighted to announce that Space Marshals 2 will be released August 25th on the AppStore!

Now when we got that out of the way. We know, we’ve been quiet for a while and we apologize, but we’ve been hard at work finishing up the last bits of Space Marshals 2. We’ll try to improve this over the upcoming weeks!

Here comes some basic info about the game. It will require a device with Metal support and iOS 8.4 or later. It will launch with support for the following languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, русский, 简体中文, 繁体中文, 한국어, 日本語 and Português do Brasil.

• Tactical top-down shooter
• Gorgeous, stylistic HD graphics rendered with Metal.
• 20 missions with performance based rewards. TAMI is watching you!
• Wide selection of weapons and gear. Over 70 different weapons.
• Multiple factions to fight – or pitch against each other
• MFi controller support (requires extended layout)
• iCloud save game support
• GameCenter achievements

Also, as we mentioned in an earlier post, the game will launch on Android at a later date this fall.


  1. Arne

    I am so excited!

  2. T.A.M.I


  3. Ciel

    And how about the beta of Space Marshals 2 ?

    1. admin

      There will be no public beta.

  4. Seth

    So psyched!! I’ve been checking nearly everyday for this announcement!!

  5. Seth

    So psyched!! I’ve been checking daily for this announcement since May.

  6. Joe

    I don’t know what metal support is, but what devices normally have it?

    1. admin

      The minimum requirements are:
      iPhone 5S
      iPad Air
      iPad mini 2
      iPod Touch (6th generation)

      1. Arsi

        This is why sometimes people don’t want to forgive some developers . many of people supports you with buying this game which was perfect that all the device could play this game , but I believe this is not just for advanced graphic that you moved your game on Metal support , it’s your sneaky politics , cause you believe people with more expensive game support your game better than people who have cheaper mobile , it’s not just for you , this is a dirty decision from many ungrateful developer like you , People shouldn’t buy never your games to be a lesson for some sneaky developers like you that just think about your pocket , not even an epsilon care about people …. shameful ! I have 2 Ipad Air 2 and pro , but I will never buy your game , cause many lovers of this game like me couldn’t play and it’s not about the game any more , it’s a bout humanity , on that time people think about their difference , the difference that you wanna make it for your own dirty pocket !

        1. Pixelbite

          I’m, sorry you feel this way. It was not an easy choice for us to require Metal support. But in the end we found the advantages of supporting Metal only outweighed the disadvantages. And I suspect you understand the reason for Apple not to implement Metal support in older devices – they need to draw the line somewhere. And in drawing that line there is always someone being disappointed.

          1. Azwad

            No android release date?

          2. Pixelbite

            We’re currently finalizing the Android version but we don’t have an official release date yet.

  7. Duh_Ninja

    factions??? does that mean multiplayer?!?!?!?!?! or is it just in game crime factions???


    1. admin

      No multiplayer. Factions such as Graywater, Bandits and others…

  8. Cuz

    I am so excited to hear the news when i am going to bed.

  9. Dan

    Excited to see how it will be.
    Is it planned to expand the game like you did with the chapters of space marshals 1?

  10. Duh_Ninja

    will there be an amazon app store version?? if not will there be a windows 10 version?

  11. Eric Siebert
  12. Adenin

    What will be the requirements for android devices and will there be vulcan support?

  13. Scott

    Is there a set price for the game? Also, y’all stated in a previous post that you’ll probably need to take a different approach on Android because the market is tougher for premium apps, but please don’t destroy the game with a terrible free to play model. *cough* Badland 2 *cough* If you must, then at least include an IAP that will give players a premium experience, please.

  14. Jonathan

    Checking the website every day for an update and I gotta wait another month. xP aargh!

  15. Gustavo


  16. Marius

    And what about the android version, Im a fan of SM and an android user ?

  17. Abz

    Do you guys have an Android release date in mind? also take your time when porting this game to android as i hate rushed games. Furthermore, please support Vulkan as your are supporting Metal for iOS devices. Thanks!

  18. Mac

    Hellz ya!!! Looks like I’ll have to buy a new iPad. Good excuse I would say.

  19. SukaKurwa

    And…What about android?

  20. Secretdeejae

    20 levels? Seems a bit light on content compared to Space Marshals 1, which had over 30 levels with approximately the same amount of weapons. Will there be additional content added later in a similar fashion to the 3 chapters of SM1, or is this all there will ever be?

    1. admin

      Levels are in general larger and more complex in Space Marshals 2, so it isn’t a fair comparison. But, yes, we want to add more levels after launch. However, we aren’t planning to release chapters like we did for SM1.

      Yeah, there’s more weapons available “per level” this time around. Hats are no longer part of the level reward system – they’re are collected separately, and there’s more than one way to earn weapons.

  21. Anonymous

    And how much will it cost?

  22. Luffylevrai

    is that the game works on iPad 2

  23. Bro ham

    Heck ya

  24. kelein

    希望探知 app store 上架时这款游戏的零售价?

  25. Milin

    Let’s Rock! We finally got you! Looking forward to playing it.

  26. Prime

    Any word on an Android release?

  27. Louis da boss

    Awesome!!!! I hope it is better/as good as the first edition! It’ll be great to see a sequel.

  28. SM4life

    I’m definitely buying this. Great job pixelbite, hope you grow into a big game company.

  29. Rockem Sockem

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait! Keep
    Up the good work guys! SM1: best game on iOS

  30. Anonymous

    Given that iPad mini 3 has same processor as the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 2 supports metal, I’d expect it to run on mini 2. I hope the minimum required specs reflect this on the release.

    1. admin

      That is correct. iPad mini 2 is also supported.

  31. Monkies 241

    Will there be in app purchases or DLC?

    1. admin

      There are no planned in-app purchases on iOS at this time. We want to do smaller updates with more content, but no DLC:s or chapters.

  32. David

    So, Space Marshals 2 won’t work on an iPad 4 like Space Marshals 1 did?

  33. Luffylevrai

    is that the game works on iPad 4th generation

  34. Herman

    Good job!

  35. Dazzler

    Hey guys,
    First of all I really enjoyed SM1. It was the best mobile game I played.

    I just want to say that I would massively appreciate it if you would release SM2 for Windows 10 as a full price game like the first installment.
    Good mobile games are rare for Windows 10 and I would gladly pay if you port it.

  36. Mahir Ahmed

    Please add multiplayer then this will have topped it all!

  37. Raixel

    Is this a global release date?

    1. admin

      August 25th is the global release date for iOS.

  38. Secretdeejae

    Glad to hear that the levels are longer in Space Marshals 2, as well as the fact that there will be additional content periodically added on after launch. It looks like this is turning out to be another amazing game, something which mobile platforms unfortunatly rarely get. I’m excited to hear more about this game, and based on my experiences with Space Marshals 1, I’ll definitely be buying it.

  39. Phoenix

    Hi! Do you have any plans to relese this alsok for Apple tv? Anyway SM 2 will be an instant buy for my Ipad.

    1. admin

      Releasing SM2 on Apple TV would be cool. No promises, but I think this will happen.

  40. Tommy


  41. Phoenix

    Great! I look forward to see your game on Apple TV. And just out of curiosity: How much extra work does it take to port an existing iOS game to Apple TV?

  42. korean thx

    한국어 너무 감사드립니다!

  43. Robert

    Multiplayer will never work in this game, you can basically see everyone cosidering it’s from birds eye view. It won’t do great

  44. A fan 3

    I think Multiplayer could even work in birds eye view if you just make the people in cover invisible…

  45. Ilyas

    Both Space Marshal games do not work on iOS 10 Public Betas. They freeze on the ‘Pixelbite’ opening screen. PLEASE HELP!!! When will these be optimized for iOS 10.. Please reply!!! Waited so long for Space Marshal 2!

  46. JackyO

    I am very sad to hear that my IPad 4 is not compatible. I loved SM1 so much!
    Is there any chance that the IPad 4 will be supported an update or something?

    1. Pixelbite

      Unfortunately, you need an iOS device that has Metal support (iPad Air+, iPad mini 2+, iPhone 5s+) to play Space Marshals 2. It has much more advanced graphics compared to the prequel, so this can not be fixed in an update.

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