It’s always tough to let go, but we’re done. No more changes, fixes or tweaks. At least for now. Space Marshals 2 has been submitted for review to iTunes and is awaiting approval.


  1. Arne

    Does that mean, Space Marshals 2 will be published earlier than August 25th?

    1. Pixelbite

      The release date is still August 25th. It’ll take a while to get approved and get ready for release. Trust us, we want it out there as soon as we can. 🙂

  2. Ruby

    Congratulations! I hope the Android release is not far behind.

  3. Duh_Ninja


    I REALLY want to buy this

  4. deacon

    Awesome! One app store down, one to go. Is there any update on an Android release timeframe?

  5. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Fantastic news!

  6. Theold

    Congratulations! Fantastic news!

  7. Mariux

    Nice, what about the android version ? And, are the translations ate done ?

  8. SpaceBug

    When will we be treated to a trailer, other PR, or reviews?

    Oh, and please don’t sell out to a larger company. The studio behind my other favorite iOS game did, and not only ruined the sequel with an IAP model, they were merged with another studio as a cost cutting measure.

    Lost their souls and their business.

  9. Robert

    Can you do stealth takedowns now ? And does it kill them or stun them

  10. Carlos

    Space Marshals 1 is the best game on the AppStore. It diserves a console release and I hope that the sequel surpases it in every aspect!

  11. kelein


  12. Electro

    Yeah yuh!

  13. Pixelbite

    >Is there any update on an Android release timeframe?
    Nothing we want to announce yet. We’ll wait until we’re sure we can hold the date..

    It is something we’d want to do. Don’t have a timeframe for it.

    >And, are the translations ate done ?
    Yes, SM2 is launching in 11 languages (English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 简体中文, 한국어, 日本語, 繁体中文, русский, Português do Brasil)

    >Can you do stealth takedowns now ? And does it kill them or stun them
    Yes, and they’re taken out of play permanently, like a kill.

    >When will we be treated to a trailer, other PR, or reviews?
    Reviews should arrive near launch. Might release a trailer early, if we can. Haven’t decided yet. (-:

    1. Mariux

      Really thanks for the information, im a french android user, im waiting for the android version. Nice job

  14. I think space marshals is the best game on ios

    Is there going to be an update like in SM1 or will it just be 20 levels. Also if you don’t already have, I’m not sure if you guys can do it ( I don’t know much about this ) but could you make it multiplayer or at least be able to play with two devices on the same WIFI in a level? Also is Xenowerk multiplayer or can one only send and receive challenges? I’m thinking about getting it but I don’t know if I should if it’s not multiplayer.
    Thanks if you answer my questions and I hope space marshals 2 will exceed my expectations and become my favourite game, by the way it’s release date is a day after my birthday so…

  15. Anonymous

    Is it going to be multiplayer? Or even just in the sense that two people can play on a Wi Fi Server? Please if not, make it so if there will be an update, that would make this SOOOOO GOOOD.
    Also, is Xenowerk multiplayer or can one only send and receive challenges?
    Thank you in advance if my questions will be answered.

  16. NoName

    Guys, on the top left corner is an elevator. Seems like we can now go on top of these containers 😉

  17. Denzilp

    Yea baby!
    I just wanna say keep it up:)

  18. Rockem Sockem

    Looks AWESOME! Keep up the good work guys! Would love to see a third and fourth installment of this game. Have the date set in my phone to remind me to download the 25th!

  19. Ginsengaddict

    I only just tried out SM1 a few days ago. Already finished it. Gotta say, it’s excellent. I didn’t think a good stealth game was possible on mobile platform, but you pulled it off.

    Android user here. Patiently waiting for the PlayStore release. I know you’ve said you’re looking at other models besides premium for Android, but honestly, I would absolutely be willing to fork out money for this premium.

  20. kelein


  21. kelein


  22. DaMole

    1 week from now!

  23. Bobisto

    Hello I can not wait for space marshals 2 the first one was amazing so will we have to buy the game or does it come free first by the way what I mean by “we” is all the people who want it 🙂

  24. J.R.

    Can’t wait to play but Space Marshals 1 needs some work. Won’t start on iOS 10. Hope the same problem won’t occur with SM2.

  25. Brian

    Do you have a price set yet?

  26. Monty

    Please post trailer of space marshal 2

  27. 문준현

    Is it gonna work on iOS 10 beta?

  28. Xavier

    Take my money, take my money, take my money!
    I do hope it will be at least 7 or 8 USD, you guys deserve it, and we all want you to swim in hard cash to secure future level packs, or Xenowerk 2!!!
    Thank you for supporting the mfi controller as well!

  29. Leo

    Please if you can add a create your own map or something like that. I know it’s hard with all the graphics and stuff. And also the stealth take down is the best thing ever fro SM2, too bad it wasn’t in SM1, each time I had to shoot which caused enemies to come, unless I used my crossbow

  30. Leo

    p.s. i totally beat the last mission 1st try.
    Go to the left, always stick to the left. Try using the knodge crossbow, and explosive crossbow(which is a secondary gun) and go around the outer left and make your way to the flush room. Also have the portable sentry guns or a hologram as one of the throwing objects, the other thrown should be some sort of loud explosive.
    As you finish killing all the guards place the sentry guns in a line to lead the robot into the room, then quickly close all the doors(this may take a couple tries)then flick the switch and KABLOOM. mission done

  31. Monty

    Game is releasing tomorrow ????

  32. Shahzad

    Downloading it now. A day earlier!!!! There is a god!!!

  33. Michael

    It’s out! Downloading now.

  34. Anonymous

    Please build compatibility for iPad 4th gen!!

  35. FaceXD

    Y is the Game already out in the App Store ? (App Store: Germany)

  36. FaceXD

    Wait a minute… Is it because of the Time zones XD????

  37. mmcc

    ios 10 pb7

    don’t running please update

  38. Cuz

    I am so glad that SPACE MARSHALS 2 is out!But it can not works well in IOS 10,long time to get in the game,and the background is dark,can hear voice only…I am so sad about it…Pls fix it .pls pls pls….

  39. kelein


  40. Brad

    Bought it on site but will not boot in iOS 10 beta 6 on iPad Air 2

  41. Joky

    Just got it from the App Store 🙂

    Unfortunately I’m on an iPhone 6s+ with an iOS 10 beta, and I had to wait ~5 min on the splash screen before the introduction started. Then at the end of the introduction, black screen (with background music) before the game actually starts. Unfortunately again, the display seems screwed, here are some screenshot:
    Apparently the Metal compiler may be crashing on some shaders…

  42. Jeff

    I just noticed it’s not compatible with ipad 4th gen 🙁 Any chance we’ll see support for this model with an update?

  43. Maarten

    Available in the app store now! Instant buy.
    The app freezes on ‘pixelbite’ presents using iPhone 6s and iOS10 (beta 7). Restarted and reinstalled, stil freezes. Any suggestions?

  44. Ramius179

    IOS 10 Beta
    Space Marshal and space Marshal 2 are not working on ios10 beta public.
    it never passed the pixelbite logo.

  45. Ilyas

    Both Space Marshal games are not working on iOS 10 Public Betas… PLEASE HELP!! When will these be optimized for iOS 10??? Please reply

  46. Anon

    …Hey it’s the 25th today!! Yeeeaaahhh!!

  47. Robert

    Leo, “create your own map will not work”. It ai t a game made for that and you don’t need a cross bow for stealth kills, you can use silenced weapons in your secondary weapons. In the last mission, it’s easy don’t even need a crossbow. Go in loud and dangerous.

  48. Joky

    Apparently the bug is in iOS 10, not in the game…
    Playing on the iPad with iOS 9.3 in the meantime 😉

  49. Guttsy911

    And I just bought it, and on my iPad Pro 9,7″ with iOS 10 beta this doesn’t work! I guess it’ll be fixed or I will just have to wait until iOS 10 is released? Actually my own fault. Since Xenowerk doesn’t work on iOS 10 yet I should have known. Please fix for us beta users!

    1. Pixelbite

      The only known fix for iOS 10 is to rebuild the game with the latest (BETA) developer tools. However, we aren’t allowed to release anything built with the beta tools yet, not until they reach Gold Master status.

      As soon as the Gold Master is released we’ll submit an update fixing the issue, if it hasn’t been resolved already in the OS.

      1. Anonymous

        It’s still not resolved..

        1. Pixelbite

          It has been resolved for a lot of people. Please make sure you’ve updated to the most recent version available on the AppStore. If you’re still having issues please contact us at and we’ll help you from there.

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