To all anticipating players out there waiting to get your hands on Space Marshals 2.

We got some good and some bad news.

To begin with the good – we’re thrilled to see the game coming together nicely. The new features are really enhancing the core gameplay of what Space Marshals stands for and the qualities you players enjoy.

The somewhat bad news is that the sequel will unfortunately not be ready for you guys in June. There’s still some work to be done before we can launch a game that lives up to the standards we think Space Marshals 2 deserves.

Stay tuned on our website or social channels if you wish to get informed about the latest on Space Marshals 2.


  1. TouchGameplay

    Take the time you need and polish it as long as it does take to make it just awesome. I will be the first in front of the AppStore that will buy the Game whenever it might launch.

  2. Ivor

    I support delay, just make sure it’s polished and all the devs are sattisfied 🙂

  3. James

    While disappointed, I’d rather have a nicely polished game. Looking forward to the release.

  4. Gustavo

    Yea take ur time, I will buy it asap when its launched!

  5. Arne

    I guess Space Marshals 2 will be awesome, so take your time. Please don’t hide achievements on Game Center.

  6. DaMole

    Is there a new anticipated release date that we could look forward to?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      No release date set yet. When a date is set we’ll be sure to announce it here.

  7. Quinn Farley

    I’m just fine to wait since it means a better game experience. I’ll play the original yet again to see if I can conquer the whole game wearing only the Burt-Day Suit, and using just the Sparky and the no-star Bountyman Raidgun. Should be interesting…

  8. Alejandro

    Take every time you guys need, the first one was awesome, i dont mind waiting for another quality game such as it. Cheers from Colombia

  9. Mac

    Thanks for the update. I’m purchasing the second it comes out. I love SM.

  10. A fan

    Couldn’t you just release a early version and solve the problems with updates please?

  11. Kinggames

    While I am really bummed about the delay, I do agree that you guys should take your time and make the game as polished as possible before release. Just please give us a confirmed release date asap.

  12. J

    Just please don’t pull a Duke Nukem Forever on us.

  13. Simba

    Either way, I will wait for it. I know it was hard for you too, so i gonna support you no matter how long it will take to release the game.

  14. Ben Schleider

    This game has been one of my favorites on the iOS platform. I do hope that when the sequel comes out that the graphics are better than the first. I am glad that the game is being polished but I do hope that it comes out before summer ends.

  15. Duh_Ninja

    dont forget the amazon app store PLZ PLZ PLZ

  16. Pabooklas

    I just bought the first one for android. And let me tell ya, I love this game!!! And now I find out there is a second one! GREAT!!! Also its ok that SM2 is delayed since I am still playing the first one. 🙂 Great job guys!!!

  17. SukaKurwa

    Maybe you will release game in an early access(of how it’s calls on gp)?

  18. Maryo_Nicle7

    I’m still with Space Marshals, so I can still wait, until the sequel coming out, by the way I’m still learning in Space Marshals 1, it’s cool and great top-down adventure game so far in google play store, the story and cut scenes is memorable, the gameplay was superb cool (I love the grenade surprise carnage to smoke out enemies that having sleeping), keep up the good work guys.

  19. Superchase

    Just bringing this to attention, but the person called “A fan” is what is usually wrong with the mainstream game developers, asking to rush the game that isn’t finished and then potentially complaining later… But if the devs are reading this, keep up the good work and you will be rewarded pretty well for said hard work.

  20. Rockem Sockem

    TAKE YOUR TIME!!! Played to many games that get tweaked/nerfed for months due to too early of a release… Star Wars uprising comes to mind. Great job guys! Sure it will be well worth the wait!

  21. Kilions

    Cant wait to play this game.
    Hopefully there are no ingame purchases that i have to do.

  22. Duh_Ninja

    there wont be

  23. Alex

    Is it going to be a free game? When I downloaded Space Marshals 1, it was the free app of the week. I really hope that it is a free app.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      It will be premium on iOS. For Android we’re looking into other options.

  24. 张宁


  25. Gustavo

    How much will it be for iOS?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      The price has not yet been set.

  26. Ruby

    Take your time. Space Marshals 1 is my favorite game on Android. Please please don’t use IAP. Just charge what you wish for the game. It was refreshing to just enjoy the game without being bombarded with IAP.

  27. Frederick

    Can we get a new concrete release date please!

  28. King

    I can’t wait no more! but I’ll put some respek on your reason for delay!

  29. Nihao


  30. Duh_Ninja

    its not june anymore 🙂

    SUPER exited!

  31. Shadowstargames

    I hope you guys get this game released soon! Good luck and btw don’t forget to add this to the Amazon app store!

  32. Yevgeny Agrest

    Will we see release on July?

  33. GreedyVegan

    Keep it real, you know we’ll pay at least $6 for this game.

  34. Da

    An update would be nice. It’s been almost a month.
    Is there a new release date or even an approximate guess?

    I think Space Marshals is next to door kickers the best for iPad.
    Xenowerk was kind of lame, too repetitive
    But I’m buying the second space marshals 100%!

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Release date has not yet been set. As soon as we have further info we’ll be sure to post them here. Stay tuned!

  35. Big Dipper

    There were two Chinese commented here. I’ll do the translation. They expressed their devotion to this game and said many fans in China are starving for Space Marshals 2. They hope this new game will support Mandarin, and they will purchase it immediately it comes out.

    So do I.

  36. Chase

    Will it be available in July?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Release date has not yet been set. Stay Tuned!

  37. Gamer

    Ehen is the Release ?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Release date has not yet been set. Stay tuned!

  38. kk

    launch please 〜

  39. strikerwwww

    Hey, pixelbite, y’all are doing an amazing job and take as much as you need to make us and you guys be proud of what you’ve done, make a game that people will still play long after its made.
    P.S. I’ve got a bday coming up soon and it would be just amazing of you added a gun (any gun) called “striker’s fury” and “strikerwww’s birthday gift” written in weapon description…I would appreciate that so much

  40. strikerwww


  41. Bfranklin

    Just a thought….customers tend to support what they like and trust. Communication is always the most direct path toward achieving both. Almost everyone that posted a comment above will buy SM2 and know it will be great, so what is really the issue? Pull the bandaid and let us know it won’t be available until (when?). Looking forward to both.

  42. Duh_Ninja

    approximately how much longer??????

  43. Mac

    Update please. We are mid July.

  44. JP

    How about now? What’s the haps? We’re all dying to get this game!

  45. Ryan

    Oh come on, July 25th and nothing. Sorry to sound rude,
    but what the heck guys!?!?

  46. Ryan

    Had my dates messed up,
    But still 23rd and nothing. Not even a date or update. Come on guys

  47. Shahzad

    Any further news?

  48. A Fan

    Ahem… Is there a chance that it will be out july?

  49. A fan 2

    Ahem… Is there a chance that it will be released in july?

  50. Loca

    Release? Still waiting. :((((

  51. Bobbington

    Please give an update.

  52. Ali

    25th of August is the release date according to this link

  53. Yameh

    Are you planning on releasing it on the amazon app store?

    1. Pixelbite

      Currently we don’t have any plans on releasing SM2 for the Amazon Store.

  54. Kyle

    Amazed at the total lack of contact the creators have with their fans! Nothing had been updated, social media wise, and nothing new on their website. And nothing on when Space Marshals 2 could possibly come out for android! Deeply disappointed, and thinking about not supporting them any longer.

    1. Pixelbite

      Hi Kyle, sorry to hear you feel this way. The lack of contact is mainly due to the lack of time. Our community manager is currently on maternity leave and the rest of us are busy working on more missions for SM2, or getting the Android version ready. The Android version is being finalized now and hopefully released soon.

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