Xenowerk Tactics sneak peek

Xenowerk Tactics sneak peek

It’s well about time we tell you guys what we’ve been up to. We are excited to tell you that our next game, coming this year, will be Xenowerk Tactics. A pre-apocalyptic RTS-like, mutant blasting game with exploration and strategy elements. In this game you’ll manage and evolve your base camp and a crew of various operatives (Marines, Rangers and Scientists). You send squads into the infected zone and do various missions, either to profit yourself or maybe to try to save the world. Or a little of both.

It is coming for iOS and Android and will be a premium game experience.


  1. Jan

    Just take my money. Looks great 🙂

  2. A

    Oh boy, this looks fun and great!

  3. Justin

    Oh yeah, finally!!! Can’t wait to play this.

  4. Navid Aslam

    wait is going to over…. love from Pakistan

  5. Hanfos


  6. Arthus

    Yess! Thanks you so much for make it a premium game and not freemium loaded with IAP. Insta buy for me.

  7. Metaxa

    Finally. Gonna buy 2!

    1. Iván R. P.

      Espero con ganas a que salga. El primer Xenowerk tenia unos gráficos y físicas increíbles.
      Seguro que este es más impresionante aún

  8. Sally

    Will you create a community in the game? It’s not so convenient to give feedback if outside the game.

  9. EcoR2

    Yes! Hopefully you support Apple-TV once again!

  10. ForestCrunk

    While I was hoping the Xenowerk sequel was going to be more of an Action Rpg follow up (skill trees, loot drops, equipment crafting/modding, etc.), this looks great too. I love rts’s, and I still play Xeno often, so this game definitely has potential. There aren’t really any rts’s on iOS that I’ve found to be an enjoyable experience, and I’m pretty sure I’ve played most of them. So that alone could be an advantage this title has in a very crowded marketplace. As long as it isn’t another Clash Royal “RTS” clone, I’m so over those.
    You know another type of game there’s basically none of?? An Action RPG Dual-Stick Shooter. Xenowerk and Neon Chrome (and to an extent Space Marshals) are the closest things I’ve found.
    Million dollar idea: a Diablo/Boarderlands style loot and grind Action Rpg, with a Dual Stick mechanic, in a sci-fi setting. Shoot invading alien robots, loot their robot corpses for materials to upgrade your equipment and character, clear out all areas of invading robot menace until you’ve beaten the final boss. Repeat with current equipment on next difficulty level.
    Let me know if you need beta testers.

    1. LynxFire

      @ForestCrunk: Try Leap of Fate. More of a rougelite i think, and the art quality is inconsistent, but it may scratch your itch until xenowerk tactics is out.

      @pixelbite: xenowerk never caught my interest, but a true premium RTS? Sounds good to me, will have a look at launch. Big fan of SM series. If SM3 has coop, i won’t be able to sit still. Even better would be a more strategic loadout/mod system.

  11. VakeGoG

    Скорее бы 🙂

  12. SKOAR!

    Every coder who stumbles through learning Unity thinks they can spin an XCOM clone nowadays ever since 2K ported Enemy Within to the Play Store.

    Not a lot of them hit the mark, however. The last one to come close was Game Insight’s Mercs of Boom. And it didn’t come close by much. It had its fair share of misses, going freemium being its biggest. Had it stayed premium (like this promises) it might have been salvageable.

    Pixelbite’s isometric shooters have been a shining example of the dearth of decent games the Play Store suffers from in this sphere, and they have filled that need wonderfully. (I’m not such a supporter of their isometric racers yet. I have hopes, though.)

    The Space Siege-esque aesthetics promise an experience that will be a delight to behold, although this little number will need plenty to differentiate it from the slippery slope that is the mess of cut-price-quality top-down zombiepox survival shooters that are overwhelmed by the need to craft and sucker helpless players into endless in-app purchases, making grinding deliberately difficult.

    The RTS as opposed to TBS option is bold, given the bulk of what passes for RTS on the Play Store. Party-based isometric RPGs would probably be a plausible option to model some of the exploration/combat sections on. Dungeon Siege (II rather than I or III) did it quite exceptionally well.

    I have a lot of expectations riding on Xenowerk Tactics. Pixelbite has routinely knocked it out of the park with the Space Marshals titles and the original Xenowerk, and I only hope that with Xenowerk Tactics they can continue their streak. I await the pre-registration with bated breath.

    1. Tim

      Shut up and take my money!!!!

  13. iLoveEatingPussy69

    You guys won’t believe it but i was about to write you a nasty mail but before i hit the send button i take a look at your website and i see this. I thought you guys are dead or something . And i am Sorry for that.Thank you guys you’re the best.❤❤❤

  14. aWaRLoCK

    I loved Xenowerk on Apple TV. Seems to indicate Apple TV won’t be supported but then I thought I heard Apple was working on a solution that would make maybe new games compatible on all
    Apple formats. Gee that would make sense.

    If it is available on Apple TV and/or OSX I will buy it. If not, probably won’t. Thanks.

  15. Hugo

    Space Marshals 3, please.

  16. checkvilPoubs

    i am Checkvil. This i my login on this forum. it is good ? 🙂

  17. ablaze

    Although I must admit this looks really good, but Chinese players are begging for Space Marshals 3!!!
    And thanks for the effort, Pixelbite. I really like your games.

  18. Brok

    Looks very promising! But will it have randomly generated levels like Xenowerk? That would be a shame!!! Space Marshals is soooo much better than Xenowerk because of the fantastic, clever level design in Space Marshals!

  19. Ronan Delacroix

    So happy to hear that another fantastic game by you guys is coming, it is already an excellent news. A RTS moreover, is even better news. And as we know the top quality and action-packed games you make, the mix of both is for sure the best news of the late summer.

  20. ManFila_XP

    Why is your Twitter page still not updated with this information?
    You left us hanging for so long, most of is thought you guys had gone under!
    Unless you guys are actually trying to set fire to the goodwill you have with your fans then you need to do better in your social media communication!

  21. Mohamed Elt

    When this game will be released man? give me a specific date, I’ve been waiting for a long time.

  22. checkvilPoubs

    I am trying to check web but i can’t find search boxx ;/

  23. DaHanster92

    I just wanted to let your team know that you’ve done a phenomenal job with the Space Marshal franchise and it is by far the best game I’ve played on mobile. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the Space Marshals franchise is unmatched in it’s superb strategic game play as a tactical top down shooter and it really stands out as the market for top down Tactical shooters is unsaturated and has plenty of room for growth. I highly suggestthat you guys expand the franchise using the formula that you used to create the first 2 installments; however, with the addition of local and online co-op and cross platform. I truly believe that this game would thrive on console gaming, especially since the controller support is highly functional and well implemented. You guys have a rare gem in your possession when it comes to the Space Marshals franchise—don’t let it go to waste and keep up the good work! Thank you so much for creating this franchise.

    Also, an online PVP arena mode for Space Marshals would be phenomenal! And I have no doubt that if it’s consistent with the mechanics and perks of the single player campaigns, people will love it!

  24. Your cuban from miami

    This is gonna be great I love using my Xbox one controller for xenowerk it works so well only wish I could remap buttons but still no biggie love the game I just want more of it and bigger levels lol , also love space Marshalls and space Marshalls 2 OMG so good , thank u, thank u, thank u, for coding in gamepad support it seems no one else cares so much your games have always been an instant purchase from me and this looks just as good so I will be buying….

  25. Longimefan

    Thanks for wonderful game. But……… What about history? What about lore? I really very want write book on this game