Xenowerk Tactics sneak peek

It’s well about time we tell you guys what we’ve been up to. We are excited to tell you that our next game, coming this year, will be Xenowerk Tactics. A pre-apocalyptic RTS-like, mutant blasting game with exploration and strategy elements. In this game you’ll manage and evolve your base camp and a crew of various operatives (Marines, Rangers and Scientists). You send squads into the infected zone and do various missions, either to profit yourself or maybe to try to save the world. Or a little of both.

It is coming for iOS and Android and will be a premium game experience.

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Just wanted to wish you all a great weekend – sharing this Game Play video from Lonnie shooting up some mutants.

Haven’t gotten your hands on the game yet?

Xenowerk is an action packed Top Down shooter featuring gorgeous HD graphics and features a wide set of upgradeable weapons and gear.

The game is available at $ 1.99 on the Appstore, Google Play & Amazon Appstore.




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A new update for Xenowerk is finally here, featuring:


• Ever-changing floor layouts.
• New & Awesome weapons!
• Brain Snail Mutant!
• Boosters to improve your Killstreaks!
• Champion Mutants.
• New Survival Objective!


Update is available on the AppstoreAmazon Appstore and Google Playstore.

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