1. Elias

    Great! So happy.

  2. Alexander

    Hello! How can we contact you regarding press inquiries?

    1. Pixelbite

      Alexander, thanks for contacting us. You should have received an e-mail now.

      For anyone else, please direct any press inquiries to our info e-mail: info [at]
      Make sure you send your inquiry from an official e-mail address, associated with the organization you are representing.

  3. Jan

    Thanks, can’t wait to play this. You’re one of very few companies whose games i buy on the first day they’re released. Keep it up 🙂

  4. AlgoSM3

    Hi Guys, it’s time to back to work for Space Marshal 3! Best regards.

    1. DaHanster92

      I agree, AlgoSM3! I’m looking forward to Space Marshals 3 with great anticipation.

    2. AlgoSM3

      Hello, please speed up Space Marshals 3 development, we are your fan waiting this out too long time ….

      1. jose_a

        yes please

    3. jose_a

      and btw pls update full screen support for ipad pro 11 (marshals2)

  5. JOE

    How can I get back the progress of the game?

    1. Pixelbite

      Not sure if you mean Android or iOS here. Your profile is stored in the cloud, but on Android you need to sign in to Google Play Games for this to work. The profile is restored automatically when you install the game (given you’re signed in using the same account).

  6. Davide

    Why not port this and previous Xenowerk game to Windows on Steam like many other android games?

  7. milengt

    Hi guys,

    great job as always, but just wondering, will the game also be available for Android TV (Nvidia Shield)?

    1. Pixelbite

      No, the game will not be available for Android TV at the moment. The input differs too much from Xenowerk and Space Marshals, and it will be difficult to adapt for the TV.

  8. ValeGoG

    Жду поддержу гейпадов, скидок на игры и продолжение космического маршала! Почему игра не вышла в Apple Arcade?

  9. Jose

    many thanks for the ipad update work dear PIXELBITE, it feels more than good to be heard, honestly!
    my support as always, double thanks here!!

  10. ChinaWin

    Where can I listen the bgm or simply buy it?