The first content update for Space Marshals 2 just hit the AppStore and the Google Play store. This update contains four new bonus missions and a bunch of new rewards. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Space Marshals 2 is now available on Apple TV! It is linked to the iOS version; buy one and get both. Saves are synced using iCloud.


  1. Metaxa

    Moreeee pls:)

  2. Master brain

    Please this game is not working for devices infinix hot 4

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Please make sure that your device meets the system requirements.

  3. A Satisfied Stealth Player

    A million praises to whichever bold soul(s) brough about the addition of the Tactical Mullet. Now, I no longer feel strange and uncomplete when go sneaking. I now can equip my Tactical Mullet, Catsuit, and Silenced Revolver (Though a SOCOM look alike would be nice), head into the beauty of a mission that is Hanged Man’s Hill, and singlehandedly defeat the Wisemen’s Committee– I mean Hanged Man’s Council while listening to a 1 hour loop of the encounter music from Metal Gear Solid. All that’s left for you guys to do is to make a boss batte with a creepy, fourth wall breaking psychic who throws furniture at you.

  4. Js

    Nice work. I hope you guys will be releasing more missions soon

  5. Frankie0202

    Hi there,
    I’ve been searching all over the “hanged man’s hill” map and I still couldn’t manage to find the distance remote for the remote controlled hatch near by the main elevator. I guess I’m just either completely blind or completely dumb, could someone give me a hint? 😀

    1. Matt Samson

      Hint 1: The control to open the hatch is inside the hatch.
      Hint 2: Don’t use the TNT on the tree.

    2. FaceXDproEXPERT

      Just giving you a tip: You can not only use dynamite on the tree, but also on something else. 😉

    3. BRIAN

      Same but I found where I think it leads. If you take the elevator down to where the high value targets are, you can go the the left corner of this elevator and you can see a hidden room the isn’t accessible so far.

  6. Anonymous

    Glad to hear this from you guys, but one more thing, will this episodes be the end of space marshals 2 or there will be continuation?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      We have not planned any new content for the game at this time. Although we hope to add more content in the future.

  7. Robert

    Are yous adding anymore bonus missions after this update ?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      We have not planned any new content at this time.

      1. Robert

        Why not ? It’ll make the community grow and the game more long lasting

  8. Marcus

    This was a freekin good update! Enjoyed it! Keep up the good work! One of the best game in the appstore.

  9. Emil

    Hi there!
    There’s a remotely controlled hatch, south-west of the hanged man’s hill map, inside the fort, near by the main elevator that leads you to the hanged man’s council. I played the level several times and I still couldn’t manage to find the remote control. Either I am blind or dumb, but I would really appreciate if someone could give me a hint! Thank you in advance.

    1. Alibaba

      Use dynamic in one of the basement room with the moving light sensor

  10. Andrew

    Is this the final update for space marshals 2? Or there will be another chapters in the future?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      We have not planned any further content for Space Marshals 2. However it may be possible.

      1. Qwerty

        Please make it possible. A sequel would be amazing. Best game ever!

  11. giu_zava

    Thanks for all this new stuff! I do think you’ve gone a bit to far with cor-v tokens and secret rooms there but the bonus missions were really enjoyable. Can’t wait for more content!

  12. Alibaba

    How to collect all 4 tokens in the Hanged Man’s Hill? I got 3 but could not find the fourth, and like someone has mentioned there is a secret room that I can’t find a way to get inside.

  13. Liz

    Love the new content and lvl ❤ Thx pixelbite

  14. Mack

    to be continued in the near future?

  15. Arturo

    Soy un tester del juego.Hay un problema en el inicio,esque al entrar se te sale al entrar

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Please submit to and we’ll assist you from there.

  16. Ryan

    Thanks dev…. please put endless arena mode i just want to kill as long as i can

  17. Johnny Youssef

    Amazing game, maybe deserve a prize for developing on Apple TV ! I hope for new stealth games for Apple TV in the near future.

  18. Cuz

    Any news about next update for SM2?

  19. Eugene

    Love this game, the fact that there is a storyline and and end goal for reach mission makes it infinitely better than the runners out there that just have the same thing over and over.
    But why Space Marshals One cost money when this one is free?

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Glad to hear you enjoy Space Marshals!

      Space Marshals 2 is available both as a free and paid version. The free version includes Adds, and the paid doesn’t. We did not launch the initial Space Marshals with adds, thus the reason for only providing a paid version. Best regards,

  20. heither

    When will I see SM3 in app srore?

  21. William Anthony

    why this game is not compatible with samsung galaxy tab 3? it’s already 4.4.2 and support opengl es..

    1. Pixelbite

      The information I found on the Galaxy Tab 3 says it supports OpenGL ES 2.0, not 3.0 which is a requirement to launch the game.