Hanged man’s hill – COR-V token

Hanged man’s hill – COR-V token

The feedback on locating one of the COR-V Tokens in Hanged man’s hill has been massive. It’s intentionally placed in an area that should be tricky to find.

Since so many of you are struggling and really putting a lot of effort gathering all tokens we shall not let you wait any longer.

There are two ways of how to hunt down this token. This is one way to go…


  • When entering the mission head as far right as possible. In the area shown in the above screenshot an explosive pickup can be found. Pick this up and head west.


  • Enter a hidden pathway located in the middle of the mission. Next to the bridge shown in the screenshot. Continue west.


  • Go as far west until this area is reached. Enter the building that’s been pointed at in the screenshot.


  • When the building’s been entered the area should look as the above screenshot. With two red lasers on the left and a locked entrance on the right (Burt Wise).
  • Use the explosive you picked up earlier and detonate the blocked entrance.
  • Enter and you should find the COR-V token you’ve been looking for.

If any of the description sounds confusing the mini-map in the screenshots can give you a heads up on where to go.

Good luck on your Token hunt!


  1. Liz

    Thanks for sharing of a wonderful guide…

  2. Andrew

    Lol I did get the last token at the second attempt on this mission, first time ever I’ve been there it drives me crazy how to open that hatch that can only be open from the inside then I circle back around the laser room and find the last rock to be demolished and I already have used the bomb for the tree and I was like yup that’s it that’s the bomb I suppose to use to reach the secret room, *spoiler allert*
    the last cor V will give you cryonic armor

  3. Artem

    That was a challenging​ one.

    One question: how many more missions will you add in future?

    1. Caroline

      We have not planned any more missions at this time. This may however change.

      1. Danny

        I’m just curious if you plan on developing space marshals 3?

        1. Pixelbite

          We want to make Space Marshals 3 some day. Can’t say more than that at the moment.

  4. B4dboy42

    What games are you guys planning next?

    1. Caroline

      We are currently working on Getaway 2!

      1. B4dboy42

        Love to see the finished product! But also would love to see more future games similar to Space Marshals and Xenowerk, if the team wants to make any! Cheers!

  5. giu_zava

    Are you thinking of making Space Marshals 3?

  6. Jan

    Thanks. I found this one myself, but damn it was challenging 🙂 Now I have all the tokens, weapons, armors etc. Great game – thanks for making it happen 🙂

  7. Arne

    It wasn’t that hard to get those tokens. My first problem was not to die 😉

  8. Alex

    Someone have a problem to find the tokens?! Hah, that’s really funny moment. You have some level with counter of tokens on this level, what’s a problem?! To find tokens just need to switch on your brain and walk and look around, in every corner of the level…

  9. Winmaciek

    I figured it before. Great feeling! It’s good you posted it here though. Some people may be desperate about it 😉
    I can’t wait to see Getaway 2. I recently played Getaway 1 and it’s still a great game; I can’t wait to see its sequel.

  10. Ryan

    Hey dont just leave space marhsal it’s one of the best… we neeed arena mode i dont care if its a paid DLC where we can challenge our selves from different AI, i feel incomplete i want to fight those heavy troopers in an arena, i already have strong weapons i dont enjoy killing them fast

  11. Yanni

    SM3 isn’t a question of “if”…it’s just “when” .Pixelbite need to keeping improving this IP, better OST, NPC interactions, Side Missions , choice and consequences ,deeper tactical options, we want more… much more.

  12. Chirag Khatri

    Oh well, I got it the other way…After getting the explosive I got the alarm sound (by walking on the laser trigger) so that those guys drop from sky to kill, and that time the Green Orb Gate opens (so that these guys can come out to kill you) and before that gate closes enter it and call the lift by pressing the lift call button there…and once you are inside you know what to do next!

    Amazing game btw, waiting for SM-3 or even some more levels as update would be appreciated!

  13. Jeff

    Probably not the right thread. I have played through this twice. I picked up the camo armor. Forgot where I got it. Someone have info ? Don’t remember if it’s completing the whole game or found in a level.

  14. Marcos

    Time for another Space Marshals 2 update? It would be nice

  15. Fred

    Plz sm3!!! Best thing you guys do!! Such a great game.
    -race against the clock to escape the space station self destruct…
    -mission in the dark- only the flashlight to illuminate bad guys stalking you…
    -acid gun
    -flame thrower
    -can run!
    -frkn’ mech suit!

    (Will totally settle for more missions tho:)

  16. Ben

    First of all, AMAZING JOB with Space Marshals 1 & 2!
    I think you guys should
    1) make a third game
    2) have hats be effective
    3) have some more game modes? Maybe?
    4) more playable characters. On the first level of SM2 you get to play as Ava. It would be cool if you could go around, order Ava Gavin and Uncle Garth around. Just suggestions.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Ben

      In addition (sry for not putting this in the first comment)
      -strategy? Maybe the player could use those paratrooper things and look at the map and drop in where he/she wants?
      -if you have new playable characters, some perks/buffs and debuffs or abilities?
      -maybe even playing as a rattier, bandit, rebel, graywater, regulator
      -keep going with the end of SM1. Huge cliffhanger with all the other Artemis-like ships.
      -melee besides just stealth takedowns! (Although STs are great)
      -Leveling up?
      -more levels
      Sorry for so many suggestions for an amazing game. Space marshals is a fantastic game. More games! Keep killing it, Pixelbite!

  17. MamkinAnonim

    Do you think about content updates for sp2 or game is dropped?

    1. Pixelbite

      We’re working on a major update for Space Marshals 2.

  18. MamkinAnonim

    Are you planning content updates for sp2 or game is dropped?

    1. Pixelbite

      We’re working on a major update for Space Marshals 2.

  19. nba

    Dear developers, hello! I bought the “Space Marshals” WP version. Great game, I love it! I wonder if “Space Marshals 2” will be ported to Windows in the future? Has “Space Marshals 3” been included in your development plan?

    1. Pixelbite

      We don’t have any plans to port Space Marshals 2 to the Windows Phone platform. We are planning for a Space Marshals 3 but production hasn’t started yet – we’re currently working on a major update for Space Marshals 2.

  20. Kelly

    Space Marshals 3! Please! I have replayed the first two so many times!

    1. Pixelbite

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying our games. We are planning for a Space Marshals 3 but production hasn’t started yet – we’re currently working on a major update for Space Marshals 2.