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A new update for Xenowerk is finally here, featuring:


• Ever-changing floor layouts.
• New & Awesome weapons!
• Brain Snail Mutant!
• Boosters to improve your Killstreaks!
• Champion Mutants.
• New Survival Objective!


Update is available on the AppstoreAmazon Appstore and Google Playstore.

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Reaching out to our players to get some feedback on Space Marshals.

Since chapter 3’s been available for a couple of weeks in the App stores we’re eager to find out what you guys think of the game as a whole.

What is it about Space Marshals that you find makes it a great gaming experience (or not). Which features have you liked and disliked?

We’re in the planning process for Space Marshals 2 and we’re after making a game that our crowd will enjoy playing.

We’d really appreciate if you could dedicate a couple of minutes to send us your thoughts on the first series of Space Marshals.


Hit us up at

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