Reaching out to our players to get some feedback on Space Marshals.

Since chapter 3’s been available for a couple of weeks in the App stores we’re eager to find out what you guys think of the game as a whole.

What is it about Space Marshals that you find makes it a great gaming experience (or not). Which features have you liked and disliked?

We’re in the planning process for Space Marshals 2 and we’re after making a game that our crowd will enjoy playing.

We’d really appreciate if you could dedicate a couple of minutes to send us your thoughts on the first series of Space Marshals.


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  1. Igor

    SM funs waiting for Space Marshals 2!!!

    When it come to us???

  2. Todd

    Where do I start? This game is addictive because you can change how you want to play. Full boar guns ablazing? Sure. Want to sneak around and kill the bad guys with a crossbow? Sure. Turn off the alarm and that annoying noise just because you can? Go ahead. Graphics are outstanding and the little details really add to the enjoyment. I love the challenges and getting better weapons. I would suggest you put some Easter eggs in the next one. Maybe the ability to wander off a bit? Maybe add a racing component? In any case, I’m looking forward to the next version.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Wow Thanks! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Space Marshals…

    2. Akhil

      1. I would like to option to customize the HUD the shoot button is to close to the edge and I can’t shoot properly because of it
      2. Ability to replay missions

    3. hwang

      what clues do in game? ive collected 70 clues but noting happens

  3. raymond

    Space marshals should have a dedicated chrouch button,since reloading a weapon somtimes resulting in chrouching and its quite annoying.

    Best regards

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Hi Raymond!

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider the possibility of adding a crouch button.

    2. hwang

      what clues do in game? ive collected 70 clues but noting happens

  4. Kelly

    I love space marshals, and I can’t wait for the next installment! I hope you guys will keep bringing these for years to come. My favorite are the stealth mode missions. But I like everything exactly the way you all did it, so there’s not much feedback to give. I like the ability to replay missions to get better rewards, the types of reward we would get how they would help with other missions, etc. I just love this game, great job you all!

  5. Morgan

    I whole-heartedly enjoy your game.
    Love the stealth-side and the optics.
    But….the timed missions….they are even with every weapons available near impossible to beat.
    And the hats….drop ’em or give them functions…like better targeting or more time for the timed missions.
    Also…the sidekicks…make them more essential…like maybe a robotic pet that accompanys the marshal on some missions.

  6. Scott

    I’m probably late but I still want to contribute. In the first game, I really wanted a stealth takedown. Sure, you could just shoot the enemies, but I really wanted to come right behind them and silently take them down. It would fit really well into the stealth gameplay.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Thanks for your feedback – we’ll def have it in mind while planning the content for Space Marshals 2. Best regards!

  7. Bob

    Honestly this has been one of the best games I have played in ages. The ability to change layouts and try again was/is an excellent idea.
    1) Easter egg’s
    2) Hidden path’s / tunnels / warps. On a couple of the early maps it looked like you could get to areas only to be blocked by rocks you could not blow up. Well.. let us blow them up. Those little mine shaft buildings.. lead to secret areas.. (I only found the one tunnel under the waterfall, is there more?)
    3) Better explanation that this hat/vest will help/hinder/interaction with guards/people
    4) Guards/people random/silly actions. It was fun to just hide sometimes and watch them
    5) The map/radar. DO NOT LOSE THE MAP/RADAR. I am struggling with Xenowerk because I get lost and have no idea were I am. (Could you add the same thing to Xenowerk?)(please)

    Thank you for a quality game. Job well done.

  8. Nicolas

    First, congratulations, that was one of my best iPad gaming experience. Easy to handle, very polished, great graphics and a cool story, perfect. I did completely finish it. Question though, on the last camp (starship), there was 1 hidden clue I did not find… Any hint?

    I especially like the depth of gameplay, boss mechanics and weaponry. What about more mission modes, escort, location / fire camp defense (setting up turrets / traps and defending a spot for a limited time), disguised missions (cf hitman)…?

    Thank you guys,mind count me in for SM2!

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Hi There!

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed Space Marshals.
      Regarding the last homebase clue – this is a bug and shall be removed in the next game update.

      I’ll forward your feedback and we’ll consider it while planning content for Space Marshals 2.

      Best regards,

    2. Caroline Tinebo

      Thanks so much – Glad you enjoyed Space Marshals!
      This last clue is a bug and will be removed in the next game update.

      We”l keep your feedback for consideration while planning content for Space Marshals 2.

  9. Jack

    Was just playing through some old levels and I have to say, bravo. This game is great.

    Ideas for the next instalment:
    – More timed levels. Those were levels that I constantly came back to, knowing that a new approach with different weapons could shave seconds off my time.
    – More levels like the Bank Robbery. This was perhaps the hardest level for me. It was difficult to take out as many threats as possible while also not alerting the civilians.
    – Co-op missions. I’m not a big fan of online multiplayer, but some of the most fun I’ve had gaming has been in completing a game with a friend in co-op mode. If two (or more) people have the app and they’re able to complete missions by playing together (either locally or online), it would definitely be a lot of fun.
    – Keep the game free of in-app purchases. Lots of people were a fan of how when they bought this game, they bought the whole game in one go, rather than only paying for the framework and only being able to play the full game with DLC.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Thanks so much – Glad you’re enjoying Space Marshals!

      We appreciate the input and we’ll keep it for consideration while planning content for Space Marshals 2.

  10. Andre

    I don’t normally play games, this was the exception.

    Great to hear #2 is being planned.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Wow – Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

  11. jnskrft

    awesome game. really.
    please add a sneak behind and take out with a knife modus?!
    more levels where stealth qualities of the main character are demanded!? (where it is almost impossible to beat the level if you make yourself shown!?
    timed level so far so good. not too many not too less!
    thank you.
    more different enemies with different attitudes and qualities (although there already are)

    xenowerk is good as well BUT a bit too repetitive. repetition in level-design is no good guys

    thank you

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Thanks – glad you’re enjoying it!

      We’ll keep your input for consideration while planning content for Space Marshals 2.

  12. Joss

    Hi Pixelbite

    Space Marshals is my favourite game ever and I just wanted to let you know of some ideas that I think would be awesome in Space Marshal 2. So personally I love stealth and being in darkness so the underground base was my favourite, I think for Space Marshals 2 a world based on darkness would be awesome like a world without a sun or something. I also think being able to customise weapons would make it amazing like being able to add a silencer or something. Maybe also bring Melee weapons to Space Marshals 2. Maybe something like a stealth suit. Don’t take this one too seriously but maybe a mission where you have to fly the ship and dodge bullets and stuff would be awesome. Please make Space Marshals 2 have more chapters because I was so upset when I finished it. If you could make new characters and a new main character that would be awesome. If the characters in Space Marshals 2 weren’t stranded and had better resources maybe the training course in each base could have better targets like computer generated holograms of enemy’s that can hide and shoot hologram bullets etc. It would be awesome if halfway through the game the enemy moved planets and you need to go to a different environment to stop the enemy’s plans.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Hi Joss! Thanks for taking the time of sending us your thoughts on Space Marshals. We’ll keep this for consideration while planning content for Space Marshals 2.
      Best, Caroline

  13. Joss

    Also please no in app purchases. Put everything upfront please

  14. Dynasty1000

    Love this game-
    I really like the fact that you are incentivised to replay levels to get more items and weapons. I like the concept of the game and enjoy the many different play styles you can adopt, although I think this game has a lot more opportunity for hidden places. I spent hours scouring each map for any easter eggs to no avail. Great game though- beautiful graphics and generally a lot of fun to play. (Diopt stun X2 OP)

  15. Dynasty1000

    Although I see this tread is very old…

  16. Mahir Ahmed

    Space marshals is a fantastic games with great graphics and controls. However, an update advice would be a multiplayer which includes Team Death match and Free For All because i think this will keep the game going on for more years as the campaign can finish quickly. I hope this mode does become available in the future

  17. Oxidis

    I agree with raymond about the reloading weapons/crouching annoyance. More control options would help. If not a dedicated crouch button, there could be a toggle that prevents the gun button from switching stance. I was also hoping for floating joystick option, but that didn’t matter as much.

    As for missions, the mechanics in the bank robbery could be explored further.
    And are defence missions (like that one camp mission, but more waves; maybe with something to protect) feasible? Or a retreat mission? Or even a chase mission?

    It would also be nice to see some varieties of enemies with tougher AI. For example, they might switch between hiding behind cover / shooting as quickly as the player does, and they wouldn’t reload in the open. Maybe there could be enemies that are constantly aware that the player is a threat.
    These would encourage the player to try different tactics.

  18. Mark1957

    The game will not dsiply any grapnics on my windows 10 P.C.

    I get sound and text, but nothing else. Whats going on?

  19. Joseph Baxter

    Great game. This gameplay mechanic would work well for a Paradroid 90 Remake (hint hint). Check out the Amiga version. Seriously.

    1. Pixelbite

      Glad to hear you like the game. And thanks for the tip on Paradroid 90.

  20. Marshal Burton

    This game is my favorite so far.I love the stealth mechanics such as the silent crossbow and the heavy assault rifle.I also played the second game and by far the best two games I have wisely invested my money in.Tips for space marshals 3,maybe if you could add more weapons and more creative ways to blast people such as in the Ava mission pack and in space marshals 3 can you release Gavin as a playable character with his own storyline like the Ava mission pack.When is space marshals 3 being released any spoilers?

  21. Marshal Burton

    And also please make space marshals 3 with no in app purchases please and offline.Its a great experience for us without IAP.

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