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Here’s another sneak peak of background visuals for Reckless Racing 3. Above THE PARK environment is represented.  In this setting you’ll find areas such as a harbor, a golf course and a quarry making up a total of 4 different routes.

Yet another environment context for Reckless Racing 3 is THE VINEYARD. Here you’ll find yourself cruising around in rapid speed feeling like you’re in the outer back of Provence.


Drift around like a champ on beautiful sceneries and let yourself go into the world of RECKLESS!


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Reckless Racing 3 – Logo

We wanted to share part of the logo build process for Reckless Racing 3. As part of any logo development we start off by gathering the graphic design team and discuss ideas and elements that are essential in order to communicate the game as a whole.

For this 3rd edition of Reckless Racing we are taking a clear aim on a streamlined Reckless sensation. Attention lays on a racing experience full of maximum speed, epic drifting, smash able obstacles and lots of dirt. Thus these ingredients play a large part in developing the logo design.

The design process always begins with sketching up several different logo alternatives. May call it a logo bank buildup of numerous logo designs, where bits and pieces are highlighted and used as we move on in the designing process. The favored designs are basically experimented with in color, depth and size, back and forth until we come up with a design that sticks.

In general a logo build is something that takes some time and goes through several approaches until a design feels just right. For this specific logo some restrictions were held since the Reckless brand already is established and we don’t want to confuse the public by developing a logo for RR3 that’s completely unlike prior Reckless Racing logos.

Here’s a visual to demonstrate some of the stages of the Reckless Racing 3 logo build and the headline picture for this post is what we’ve come up with so far. If you guys have some sweet ideas on the logo design for RR3 we always appreciate your input! Feel free to send us your feedback to

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Reckless Racing 3 – Gymkhana

One of the new features for Reckless Racing 3 is the Gymkhana game mode.  It is all about stunt and precision driving, drifting and sliding a certain route as fast as you can while avoiding crashing into obstacles.

The cars in Reckless Racing 3 all have distinctly different behaviors. Choosing the right one for the job and getting to know your ride takes some time. Gymkhana offers a chance to both hone and show off your racing skills – and have fun while doing it!

There are a total of 12 different Gymkhana routes at launch, where the Airport environment offers a majority of these.  So there’s plenty of ground to cover practicing your know-how on how a certain car behaves in certain curves for an example.

Hope ya’ll like the screens below taken from a little RR3 gymkhana action!

Gymshot2 Gymshot3

Until we meet again…

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Reckless Racing 3 – Environments

Let’s talk a little bit about the race environments for Reckless Racing 3. There will be a total of six unique environments for this series, never seen on iOS or Android. We are making the most out of each environment and you will be able to race several different routes in all of them.

One of our epic new environments is called – URBAN, which is represented at the top of the post. We wanted to deliver a sense of a construction situation including features of storage warehouses, building sites and a local red-neck trailer park.

Another environment for RR3 is AIRPORT which as it sounds takes place at airport ground featuring a total of 12 different routes.

To give you guys further insight on how we proceed to develop the environments and racing routes for Reckless Racing 3 we asked one of our artists to reveal some of the general steps of the designing process.

“First we gather a couple of people that are a part of the designing team, starting off with collecting inspiration for an environment. Usually this means finding a touch and feel that we want to accomplish and use different pictures and textures as influence. When we’ve come up with a theme feel that we’re satisfied with the actual designing process begins.”

“To start off the designing process we make a layout of the entire environment, including routes and surroundings, keeping the number of routes for each environment in mind. From here on we divide the environment into several parts so that we’re able to apply different ground levels and customize route curves. Basically introducing all the bits and pieces that the game needs to know to make asphalt look and sound like asphalt for an example.”

“The next main step of the designing process is to add all the objects that can be smashed and moved, such as cones and fences. After that it’s usually smaller details that are being tested and moved around until the final environment is ready for launch.”

Stay tuned for the additional 4 environment themes!

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