Reckless Racing 3 – Gymkhana

Reckless Racing 3 – Gymkhana

One of the new features for Reckless Racing 3 is the Gymkhana game mode.  It is all about stunt and precision driving, drifting and sliding a certain route as fast as you can while avoiding crashing into obstacles.

The cars in Reckless Racing 3 all have distinctly different behaviors. Choosing the right one for the job and getting to know your ride takes some time. Gymkhana offers a chance to both hone and show off your racing skills – and have fun while doing it!

There are a total of 12 different Gymkhana routes at launch, where the Airport environment offers a majority of these.  So there’s plenty of ground to cover practicing your know-how on how a certain car behaves in certain curves for an example.

Hope ya’ll like the screens below taken from a little RR3 gymkhana action!

Gymshot2 Gymshot3

Until we meet again…