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Phase 3 goes boom!

Phase 3, the third major update for Repulze was always meant to be developed according to what you, the players wanted the most. And it’s safe to say that opponents have been the single most requested feature since day one. And thus, that’s what we did!

So Phase 3 will introduce enemies racing against you. And if there would be enemies we wanted weapons as well; kind of goes hand in hand. But… we didn’t want to add (much) more complexity to the game and still keep the fast paced racing. The weapons system we’ve created lets you and your opponents activate (automatically) different levels of weapons depending on how many boost charges you have. For an example, if you have one boost charge your light plasma cannon is active, while if you had three boost charges stored your rocket battery would be activated instead.

This adds a certain tactical aspect to the racing. Do you want to hold on to your boost power and blow things up? Or is this a good place to try to boost and break away from the others? It also gives the level designers an extra tool to add more diversity to the tracks.

A track with many wildcard gates (the blue ones) would be an intense battle track, while a track with no wildcard gates would be much more focused on racing. It all comes down to how much boost is available. And here’s the first screenshot from Phase 3. Keep in mind that it’s still in pre-alpha stage, so things are very much subject to change!


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