UPDATE: Discord, SM3 Chapter 2, Nintendo Switch, PGA 2021

UPDATE: Discord, SM3 Chapter 2, Nintendo Switch, PGA 2021


We are setting up a Discord server for easier communications and at the same time disabling comments on the webpage.

Please join us at

We will try to more regularly share information, screenshots, chat about development and what’s going on in a more informal and chilled out way. Hopefully.


We are progressing steadily with the new chapter. Six out of the ten planned levels are in construction. However, building is starting to go much faster now when we have most new art assets and enemies in place. It will still be a challenge to have it out in the first quarter of 2021 with just 4 weeks left. We’ll do our best!

Nintendo Switch

We are finally able to announce that we are bringing the Space Marshals series to Nintendo Switch!

We’re in the final stages of testing Space Marshals 1 at the moment and hope to have it out shortly, followed by Space Marshals 2. We aim for the release of the third game to coincide with the release of chapter 3.

PocketGamer Awards 2021

Space Marshals 3 has been nominated for Best Action Game award over at PocketGamer.

Check it out and cast a vote if you feel like it! 🙂