1. S.Mathin ahamed

    Space marshals 3 launch date plz

  2. Steve Wellens

    Are you going to continue the Space Marshal saga. I need more, thanks.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      We are currently working on a new content patch for Space Marshals 2. Planning to launch later this fall.

      1. Ahyaan

        Can you do space marshals 2 on lollipop.

        1. Pixelbite

          SM2 is available for Android Lollipop. If your device is listed as not compatible in the Google Play Store it’s most likely due to your device does not have hardware support for OpenGL ES 3.0. This is limited by the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of your device, and not linked to the Android version of your device. This is not something we can easily fix in a patch.

  3. Alan

    Excited to hear this! Any idea when we can expect it?

  4. Ahijit Nath

    please launched space marshals 3, i m waiting for u.

    1. Pamir

      Можете пожалуйста объяснить концовку игры Spase Marshals 2? Просто не могу понять в заключающей главе будет тот же персонаж что и в прошлых главах? Значит ли это что он выжил? Или это кто то похожий на него?

  5. ABDUL


    1. Moreno


  6. Ray

    Very interested in part 3. Suggestion: “jump, roll, dive”.

  7. Mohanad

    When will we see the new of this game Special and it is very beautiful

  8. Ярослав

    ., люблю все ваши игры. Всё части прошёл, во второй части купил миссии с авой и премиум. Жду 3ую часть? Вы над ней начали работать?? Спасибо

    1. Pixelbite

      Currently we’re not developing any new content for SM2 as we’re focusing on our new title. But we’ll surely return to SM2 at some point.

      1. Désiré


  9. Bstr

    Is this a joke? I looked everywhere including inside Space Marshals app and inside Space Marshals 2 app, and on the iOS app store. Space Marshals 3 doesnt exist anywhere, and yet pixelbyte said its availavle now (8/13) on the app stores as free in game upgrade.

    1. Bstr

      I see now this is from 8/13/2017 and just chapter 3 already built into the first Space Marshals App long ago. Very misleading calling this Space Marshals 3. This is not Space Marshals 3….But I hope there will be one some day.

      1. Pixelbite

        May I ask where did we (Pixelbite) announce Chapter 3 of Space Marshals 1 as Space Marshals 3? Chapter 3 of SM1 was launched on 21 of December 2015 – way before SM2 was even announced.

        1. opereth

          on the above video and in other locations on the blogs you guys state that space marshals 3 is out now. it obviously is not.

          1. Summer LaRose

            It clearly says Space Marshals Chapter 3, not Space Marshals 3. That and the announcements and blogs you are looking at are dated over 5 years ago, back when the second one wasn’t even announced yet (this was the day before they announced the second one was coming out).

            Please don’t blame them for you reading 5 year old posts thinking they were made recently, and you misreading “Space Marshals Chapter 3” as “Space Marshals 3”. It’s not misleading at all. It’s just you.

  10. Alshar

    Sm3 release date

  11. AR4

    Can you tell release date of space marshals 3 ?

  12. Scott

    Making a 3rd???? This is a go-to game every day!

  13. José

    Vai fazendo terceiro ou quarta???
    Este viciado os todos os dias!
    Tô fãs.
    . Favor me aguardo.
    Intresse bastante

  14. sadık

    SM3 düşünüyormusunuz..

  15. sadık

    türkçe dil seçeneği çıkarabilirmisiniz hikaye anlaşılmıyor..

  16. Bill

    Space marshals 3 would be the greatest Xmas gift ever. Please tell me you are at least working on it. Please

  17. opereth

    This is a sad joke. One of the best games i’ve ever played. hoping this will see the light of a pc modern full size version. But where is space marshals 3?

  18. Dirk Wiese

    Please please fix the frame rate issues Chapter 5 on SM3 is unplayable, I tried with all graphics dialed down no sound or mini map and still does not work.
    Also the new shield graphic is really not good could you eliminate it or bring back the old one?
    The first two SM were amazing and 5 Stars this is kinda disappointing.

    1. Pixelbite

      Could you please specify which device you are running on? It would help us look into this issue. Thanks.