Space Marshals 2 – First Concept Art

Space Marshals 2 – First Concept Art

First of all, a huge thanks to all our fans that’s been taking the time to send us your thoughts on Space Marshals and what you wish for in upcoming Space Marshals 2. There’s been some really good stuff there that we’ve taken into account when paving the way for Space Marshals 2.

We’re still in early development but the essence of Space Marshals 2 is starting to form, although there’s still a long way to go before we have a finished game in our hands.

We get a lot of input from you guys and the most frequently asked question that we get is that you want to know when Space Marshals 2 will launch?

Well first of all. We heard you!

Space Marshals 1 began its journey 1.5 years (!) before launch and took around 20 000 hours of work, including updates. Yep, you heard right. Although it was not in full production the whole time, the idea of making a top-down tactical shooter was there all along. Coming down to the fact that it really takes a lot of time and effort creating a game like Space Marshals.

If it hadn’t been for all the excellent feedback from players, reviewers and press we’d probably wouldn’t be sitting here today, scratching our heads on where Burt will go next. Fact is, we want to come up with a sequel that will deliver the same great experience as the first did but instill a unique feel and adding awesome content that we hope our audience will enjoy. We’re creating whole new environments, characters, enemies and all the details that come to it. Ultimately binding up with the storyline.

With that said we are confident enough to say that Space Marshals 2 will launch in the second quarter of 2016.

We hope you can stay patiently excited, knowing we’re working really hard on Space Marshals 2 and making a game we hope you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, here are some early concept art we did to set the feel to some of the environments and new characters.

  • space_marshals_2_wip1
  • space_marshals_2_wip2
  • space_marshals_2_wip3


  1. ggamer

    would love to see a playable female character.

    and while i’m dreaming, also to play this on consoles.

    1. Anonymous

      Same here, hope they add one soon

  2. Liz

    Yes that would be absolutely cool, add females hero. You could give them names of the galaxy. As the famous Andromeda galaxy or from the Black Eye Galaxy makes you a hero who calls herself “Black Eye” as design it could be a little space pirate.

    Create more different monsters which have specific skills. Players can only eliminate with special weapons, against the normal weapons they are resistant. This would increase the difficulty level…

    Keep up the good work pixelbite, Im looking forward…. ♥


  3. Hi-Ex

    “…Players can only eliminate with special weapons, against the normal weapons they are…” NOOOO, don’t kill the game! Just bring SM 1 & 2 on the Apple TV like xenowerk. PLEASE!

  4. jnskrft

    you guys r truely awesome! Space Marshalls is among others (candy crush, granny smith, angry birds, limbo, plants vs zombies, badland, real racing 3, kingdom rush, mini motor racing) best android game since launch of this OS!

  5. Rene

    “Create more different monsters which have specific skills. Players can only eliminate with special weapons, against the normal weapons they are resistant. This would increase the difficulty level”

    oh I don’t mind about this idea as long as you get that special weapon not from IAP! Please keep this gem IAP free! thank you

    also I found that some suggestions in this comment section are straying too far from the original concept. Playable female character? do you think this is MOBA RPG? no thanks, I’ll stick with Burton, because this game it’s all about him! just make more missions, more chapter, more enemies, more weapon, and some new fresh stories. it would be enough

  6. Jack

    Space Marshals is simply the best game ever released on mobile!

    For SM 2, the absolute killer feature would be multiplayer, of course. Another cool thing would be to unlock a second difficulty level, “nightmare”, after playing through the game in normal mode.

    In terms of level design, the long, complex levels are great, but don’t forget to also have a good amount short, high-intensity levels like Longbow Creek – right in the action, great fun and playable again and again with different tactics.

  7. David

    I love all of your games. They are fun to play long after the final boss has been vanquished. After Space Marshals I was itching for a more fast paced shooter, to my excitement Xenowerk came out.
    Two things are on my wish list, first with Space Marshall I would love to see a way to challenge your friends to specific contests. For example: beat such and such level, using such and such low powered gun faster than I did. I would also love to have a way in personally tweak the number of bad guys on each stage.

    Finally I’ve been patiently waiting for a sequel to Repulz, a great racing game in the vain of FZero. Is there anything in the works?

    Great work on all your games. I will be certain to buy any future games you produce.

  8. Fred

    Yeh SM2!!!! So glad you guys are getting back to it. Xenowerk plays well, but missed too many opportunities in story potential, was visually repetitive and lacked overall depth. It really missed the mark, especially considering the high bar and depth of SM. SM is one of the best mobile games ever made. Period. The ability to replay levels in so many different ways in SM is just fantastic. Reminds me a bit of Goldeneye for the N64- no higher praise than that. Meet the goals on expert level, unlock hardcore weapons necessary to beat advanced levels or just trash an earlier level for funsies. Awesome.
    Be great if Burt could mix and match weapon types I.e. 2 assault weapons etc…
    Burt should move 10% faster by default.
    Big ask- but if Burt could climb that would open some great possibilities.
    Ability to pick up dropped weapons from enemies
    Prisoner escort missions/ defend VIP etc.
    Repair engine/ restore systems missions
    Result/ output of special clues- there wasn’t really a reward for this in SM1- what about special weapons/ armor/ missions?

    Really excited to see SM2!!!!

    Totally off topic… Do you know the Clavia guys?


  9. YouLord

    Will be good if Space Marshals 2 will has really good stels,really big locations,really more variability of mission walkthroughing and more another really cool things 🙂

  10. Juju

    Yeah, competitive multiplayer would be good but I also think coop would be amazing. People cooperating on a game like Space Marshals and combining tactics for different missions would be exhilarating!

  11. roman

    i really love space marshals 1 thats the best game ever played on mobile in all ways say it to a story line along with the best gameplay and awesome eye catching graphics just love it all… curiously waitin for space marshals 2 are awesome pixelbite love your all games…

  12. roman

    Would you please let me know will space marshals 2 launched for android and ios at the same time?..coz i have an android ….

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      We have not yet made plans weiter to launch at the same time. Stay tuned for further info announcements regarding Space Marshals 2.

  13. Spacemarshalslover

    Great game! Everything about SM is really good. One thing I am begging for you guys to add would be vehicles. It would totally change the game. Also if you could add more climates like ice, fire, grass, mountain, etc, it would bring a lot of new exciting tactics. A multiplayer feature would be great, like some sort of arena with rounds or a 1v1 online game. Lastly, if you guys could make a way to upgrade weapons like adding scopes or more ammo would be totally sick! Even if you don’t add these features I am still totally buying this game! Great work!!

  14. Ssohee

    Wow! SM2!!!!! SM is awesome! And really amazing game! I waited for continued release of new SM! Funny Games so far was the first time in my life. I would like to thank the producer that made this game! Thank you soo much and Plz come out faster Korean version!

  15. Ramiro

    I would love for the sequel to stay true to the first SM. Don’t need to change much just add more weapons different levels and bosses.

    PS. Amazing job on the first one guys and gals!

  16. Kinggames

    I’ve been playing space marshals since the day it came out. I personally think the game is really good as it stands, and I am excited for the sequel. My current concern with the sequel is that if too many new features are added, it will ruin the game. I think that for now, the best way to go would be to try and improve on the formula you guys have so far. That said, I do have some ideas/things I want to see in the sequel. These aren’t ranked in anyway, I just worte them in the order I thought of them.
    1. I think that there needs to be some form of melee weapons in this game. Swords maybe, but just a knife would be great. I think that if there were melee weapons, the best way to control them would be to have it work similar to the sparky from the first game where it controls like a gun, but has basically zero range. I don’t think it should have ammo of any sort. This would be the case for all melee weapons.
    2. Make armors more unique. I think that the current stats are fine, but some armors should also have some sort of special abllity. For example, a shield heavy armor that has the ability of having the shield give total 360 protection. Another good example would be to make an armor that takes less damage from certain bullet types, such as an armor with 50% damage resistance to plasma, but takes 50% more from some other type. Also, keep the disguises, those rock.
    3. MOAR HATS! also, maybe some hats can compliment certain disguises to make them better i.e a bandit mask making a bandit costume just slightly better at disguising burton. But other than that, keep the hats what they are: Fun, but mostly pointless
    4. A bit more creative enemy types. The enemy types in the first game are great, but just a few more unique ones in this game would be nice. To make it more clear what I’m talking about, examples of some unique enemies from the first game are: the graywater women(?) with the laser pistols who could turn invisible at will, the rebel guys with the assault rifles who could switch to a grenade launcher at will, and the graywater scientists who flashbanged anything in proximity upon death. More unique enemies like that would be a welcome addition to the next game.
    5. MOAR T.A.M.I (need I say more?)
    6. Back on the topic of gear, I think that maybe a possible idea for a new type of weapon for burton to carry: a shield. Yes yes, he already has his energy one, but and actual physical shield that he can hold would be cool. I think it should control like a regular gun, but it can’t fire, it just sticks out in the direction of the aiming stick, and halves damage from a bullet that hits it.
    7. The control scheme is perfect. Keep it.
    8. I think the mechanics of the game work near flawless as they are now, so keep all of that. However, I think there should be one minor change- you should not be able to fire from sneak mode. Being able to fire than INSTANTLY pop right back under cover was just a little bit overpowered, and make offensive mode almost useless. I found myself in sneak mode for the majority of the game. Also, on the topic of sneak and offensive mode, I remember in the tutorial, there was a puzzle where you had to sneak mode under some lasers. This was kinda cool, And I think a few minor laser based puzzles like this might actually be a good addition to the game. Nothing too strenuous, but a couple of puzzles with switches and laser triggered doors occasionally might be a good addition.
    That’s about it for now, thanks for reading my extremely long post if you did, and Thanks for bringing us the original space marshals. You guys are plain awesome, and thank you again if you even consider putting any of these suggestions again.

  17. Marshall

    I agree with Fred and I also think that you should put in money to buy guns ant a non player team that you could deploy

  18. Marshall

    I agree with Fred but they should add money

  19. Nitita

    Really awesome game! I’m looking forward for sequel.

  20. jack

    Since the gameplay is already perfect of the first SM, the only thing I want for the next one is co-op with cross platform capability (iOS+Android) and more gear I guess.

  21. Space marshal fan

    I think that multiplayer mode for fun with friends in space marshal 2 would be great and also it would be great if players could import their gear from the first space marshal when they reach a certain level with a cool down period between each import so it wouldn’t be overpowered. Also please add in more fun throwable weapons like the portable turret and the electronic dredger. A cute little pet(s) would also be great.

  22. Joss again

    Last time i wrote was a while ago (i was the guy talking about stealth if you remember) and i forgot to ask if you could please keep sparky in SM2 its my favorite weapon

  23. Joss again

    Hi its Joss again ( im the guy that wrote anout stealth if you remeber) i just forgot to ask if you could please keep sparky in SM2, it was my favorite weapon

  24. Stanislav Shukhov

    The best game! I want more features, a choice of characters! Ability to play a few players! I would like to use the equipment: tanks, robots (like the evil doctor) machines. Or use the robotic spiders, only that they can be controlled! Add multiplayer!

  25. Mahir Ahmed

    Multiplayer mode would be great! For example, Team Deathmatch and Free For All because its a stealthy game and multiplayer mode would crank it up a notch. Also, you could include a daily challenge mode because the campaign does finish quick so adding this mode would be great

  26. Zack

    I would like to see a knife to make silent kills, and to be able to pick some throwable items like mines and turrets, and maybe an item to pin point spiders on the map. Thanks for this awesome game, i am waiting to see what you will delivery in Space Marshals 2.

  27. Toro

    I’m probably the best at this game in the whole galaxy. I love it, love it, love it. Anxiously waiting for SM2!

  28. Title Fan

    GREAT game, the work your entire Team has done here is simply ASTONISHING and quality-wise top-notch! Some thoughts below:
    1. Please do not go with in-app purchases in the sequel. I know that it is tempting for financial reasons and monetization strategy wise – by now you probably have already decided on it actually and given how other developers do it, IAP will be present in SM2. For what it is worth, you should increase the standalone price instead of enabling IAPs. SM1 is definitely worth USD 4.99 and I am sure that all the players that purchased it would pay additional ~50% on top of it to get SM2.
    2. Please keep full HID support for gamepads and others. It makes this game a must-buy for those of us using additional peripherals to enhance the gameplay and have a better mobile gaming experience.
    3. I agree with the ‘money to purchase weapons’ concept – it would be great but it automatically facilitates IAPs. If that will be the case, please make IAPs optional as in other games of yours with the approach that they are here only to ‘unlock things faster’ rather than unlock some of the game elements at all.
    4. Do you have an estimate on when in Q2 it will launch? Is it more of an end of quarter release or are you aiming for May?

    THANK YOU for the amazing work done and fingers crossed for the sequel to come!

  29. Gustavo

    Would Space marshals 2 be free

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      It will be a premium game just like Space Marshals 1

  30. Gustavo

    PixelBite you should make Space Marshals 2 free once it comes out so you could get more customers and you would have more and more people playing it. See if you put it where you have to pay, people would buy it but won’t get you a lot of more people to play it. So please let it be free once it comes out.. Thanks.

  31. Chris

    I believe you should make it so you could upgrade guns.

  32. Chris

    SM is the best game ever. There are some things I would like to see in SM 2.

    1) A multiplayer feature where you can go online and play against other people. This would make it more interesting and competitive.

    2) Please add a feature where you can upload all your old guns from SM to SM 2.

    3) SM 2 needs to include an upgrading guns of some sort and also melee attacks (knives maybe?)

    4) It should be like a create your own destiny sort of thing where you have multiple paths you can take to reach the end of the story.

    there should be a clone spawner, so if you collect it, it will spawn another clone of yourself that you can control (or not)

    6) Please add tanks or air strikes and more AI troops helping Burt on his missions

    7) Please add AIR BATTLES where you can control a space craft.

    8) Please do more defense missions where you defend something.

    9) Please make a level harder than escape from space

    10) Please have an epic plot twist in the plot line

    11) Please make a throwable item that can hover to the enemy.

    12) Please include air strikes from enemy’s that make you constantly move and hide. They can be like grenades that fall from the sky.

    13) Please add another planet. Not just the Mars one.

  33. Ahmed

    I have some ideas!!!!

    First of all thanks for the best shooter game i ever play on my iPad
    I know my comments might be late but at less they reachs you
    Let me start with armory:
    1) for weapons: add more descriptions as: type of bullets and firing mode
    2) for armors: they didn’t tell if they protect from laser or not,so could you add this detail. Also, if you make the armors protection in percentage (e.g: health:70 shield:50 %protection against bullets:80% %protection against lasers:20%) this will make the game more challenging
    3) hats: give them some special ability

    For the characters:
    If you make a selection between 3 or 4 types of character. (e.g: ninja: +30%movement, -20%noise -10%damage extra: bonus in thorwable items …etc )

    For the game:
    Killing enemies gives you money, stealth kill more money.
    This money able you to buy gears or upgrade armory box in game and the health machine.

    For gears: they extra items help players in action.(e.g:10%weapons range, 5%health every 10 seconds or +5%money

    For armory box and health machine: dont let they full all ammo/health. Let they start with 20%.then players can upgrade them till 100%

    Sorry for the long comment
    I hope those ideas reach you

  34. Jesse from Nigeria

    Great game…Great ideas…Great Developers. Great Organisation. I never knew your company until I downloaded this mind-blowing game. Wonderful piece of Work.

  35. Duh_Ninja

    VERY exited for space marshals 2 the first one was VERY enjoyable and had it is a good challenge and can be even more challenging when there are awesome unique weapons to get if you do well

    I have always enjoyed a good challenge and space marshals was smack in the area I like!
    Would definitely pay $5 for space marshals 2, didn’t have to buy the first one because it (I think still) is in amazon underground

    if i had to pick an additional feature it would definitely be multiplayer with a leveling system to get fair matches (only because multiplayer never gets old where as a campaign only lasts for so long)
    I know that’s a lot of work but I think it would be worth it,
    I would pay an additional $5 for multiplayer

    space marshals has been one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played, hope the development continues for a long time!

    wishing you the best


  36. Helgi

    No female characters I beg u guys. Those feminists should shut up after their new Ghostbusters crap. And multiplayer is really great feature to add.

  37. Robertoxign

    Space Marshals 2 takes what was great about the first game and adds to it ever so slightly. In some ways, this makes it feel like a half-step of a sequel, but it’s still great fun.

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