Space Marshals 2 – Ava Mission Pack Released

Space Marshals 2 – Ava Mission Pack Released

We’re proud to announce that the Ava Mission Pack ($2.99) has just been released for Space Marshals 2!

It is available on the AppStore (iOS and Apple TV) and Google Play (open beta).
Space Marshals 2 on the AppStore
Space Marshals 2 on the Google Play (open beta)

Ava’s storyline complements and infuses the main story with a little more intrigue in 10 new missions.

Ava has a different and unique playstyle that is more focused on crowd control and trickery. Her arsenal includes the modifiable Riot Gun and Drone. The Riot Gun is a “non-lethal” weapon that knocks her opponents around. It can be modified to add different effects, such as electric shock or fiery infernos. The Drone is remote controlled and, by default, is used to remote access terminals and distract enemies, but it can be equipped with guns and grenades instead.


  1. Elie

    Hello Pixelbite team!
    Thanks for this release, one of my favorite game ever!

    I’m not sure it’s the proper way to report a bug, but mission 2 is currently not playable, a different character than Ava is automatically chosen at the beginning of the mission. He has no weapon which makes it very challenging to finish the mission without dying!

    I’m using an iPhone 6, iOS 10.11.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Pixelbite

      Thank you for reporting this.

      We believe we’ve pinpointed the problem and are building an update!

      1. Will

        Any idea of when that update will be completed?

        1. Pixelbite

          The 1.3.3 update that addresses this issue is available now.

          1. Joe

            Unfortunately, while the fix just pushed out fixes this problem, it only does so temporarily. If you beat level 2 and then quit the app, when you open it back up it starts you at level 2 with that wrong character and loadout.

          2. Pixelbite

            We released another update 1.3.4 last night that should fix further problems with Ava’s loadout on level 2. It has been a complex bug to solve and we hope this resolves it for everyone. Please let us know otherwise.

      2. Venkat

        Hey pixelbite team
        The game is awesome but the thing that I didn’t get is in the 1.3.5 update u have mentioned saying that there are 10 playable Ava missions but I am not able to play them. So I hope that u would help me out thank u

        1. Pixelbite

          You can switch to the Ava storyline on the World map (planet view). The buttons are on the top-right side of the screen. Hope that helps!

          1. Lars

            How does switching storylines work on Apple TV

          2. Pixelbite

            To switch storyline on Apple TV you open the pause menu and then the planet overview screen. There you can press the (yellow) X-button on your gamepad to switch between storylines.

    2. Steve

      I love everything you all make! Your website seems to have a serious problem where I can’t scroll up or down on the webpage. I have to select text and drag down to scroll. It’s weird. I swear, this is the only website it happens on. There must be something strange going on. Anyone have this?

      1. Nick

        It is still not playable on my iPad.

  2. Cuz

    Surprise!And Excited!
    Love U Guys!

  3. Will

    Any idea of when that update will be completed?

  4. John


    But please promise us that we will eventually get to put definitive end to the larger Graywater narrative. Their commander can’t be out there forever!

  5. Rh

    Can’t seem to find it in game and AppStore

    1. Pixelbite

      Make sure you have the updated version of the game. (Green icon with Burt and Ava). You can select storyline on the world map (planet view) in the pause menu.

  6. Kinger

    Is the Ava update supposed to appear automatically? I️ cannot find an option to purchase or update the game on the AppStore. I️ have an iPhone 6

    1. Pixelbite

      Make sure you have the updated version of the game. (Green icon with Burt and Ava). You can select storyline on the world map (planet view) in the pause menu.

  7. JHY


    I used to play the game. And I found this update history at the Apple appstore. But I can not download any update. How I can update this? BTW, I used Korea Apple Appstore. Does it denpend on the location? But I read the update information at that appstore.

    1. Pixelbite

      The update is live world-wide. Unfortunately, this isn’t a completely uncommon issue and can have many causes.
      Apple has a support page for this problem here:

      Hope that helps!

  8. John

    this latest update can’t improve character issues !

    I’m using an iPhone6s iOS 11.1.1 .

    Please fix it.

    1. Viktornerfer

      I also have this problem :-/
      And I’ve already updated it (I have an iPhone 6)

    2. Viktornerfer

      You just need to reset your profile, that’s all it takes. Then the missin 2 will be fixed. And I don’t want to troll, but the restart will really fix it.

  9. korean user

    hello i’m korea user
    ava mission chapter2 no weapon
    please weapon start

    1. korean user

      my phone is iphone7+

    2. Pixelbite

      The new 1.3.3 update should fix this. Please let us know if it doesn’t!

      1. Nick

        It does not!


    Amazing Add-on!

  11. CM

    Hello Team,
    Thank you for this new realiste for Android platforma but the downloadig process it seems never stop. Any solutions please?
    Best regards.

    1. Pixelbite

      Please contact and include which phone and OS you are experiencing this issue on.

  12. Orion

    Bonjour suite à la mise à jour le jeux et flou sur iPhone X.
    Et sera t il bientôt adapté à l’ecran de l iPhone X.

  13. Anonymous

    Hello Team,
    It seems that it can install apk from google store. It show error 492. It is a problem with App itself? Waiting your answer. Thank you. samsung s7 edge. android 7
    Best regards.

  14. Rf24

    Mission 2 is still unplayable even after the update. (Spawn as another character+only the 3rd beacon spawns). Would be rather nice if this got fixed

  15. Danny

    For everyone having troubles here is the fix for now. Start the Ava time line and go into the settings and reset the profile for only the Ava game. This fixed the game for me. It must load the actual update when it pulls the info after your profile reset. The game will start like new and when it gets to the part where Ava is a man, she will be normal. I’ve had no problems now.

  16. Matt Arnesen

    The android price is $3.49. Is this a bug or should it be more then iOS?
    Also the first line of this post states that it is $2.99.

    1. Pixelbite

      That’s a mistake – thanks for pointing this out. We’ve adjusted the Android price now.


  17. Stjohn

    Hello and thanks a lot for this release…until Space Marshal 3 ;),
    Is it a bug that on Mission 9 therés no way to get A key? the guy inside wont go out?

    1. Stjohn

      Sorry its ok, I found the way I forgot to go.. no bug

  18. GirlGamer

    I love the add on, it’s more intricate than the main storyline! Excellent job! I have 1 question: I haven’t completed Ava’s story yet and when I selected “main storyline,” the message says that progress from the Ava storyline would be lost. Is this true? I do have the cloud save option selected…I’d hate to lose the progress I’ve made. Thank you so much and thanks for this kick ass game!

    1. Pixelbite

      Hi there,

      You will only loose the progress of your currently active mission (if any). Kinda like when you choose “restart mission”.

      Best regards,

      1. GirlGamer

        Cool! I had a feeling but didn’t want to risk it! Man, these missions are trickier, good job man! Thank you

  19. Anon

    For mission 9. How can you obtain keycard A from the guard? He never leaves the room.

    1. Pixelbite

      Perhaps there’s a way to enter the room?

      1. Anon

        Thanks for the prompt reply and the hint.

  20. Robert

    Thanks for the add on. 100% finished everything today. Loved the dlc pack Ava story. Cleared up a lot of plot holes for me when I played the main storyline. Gave me the answer of Blackburn’s where abouts in space Marshal 2 and why Ava dropped off Burt on the top of the roof and why Tami was acting weird in the main storyline. Thanks for letting Ava storyline clear that up for me. Looks like there’s one more bonus mission coming soon from the looks of how the ending scene showed. Is that correct ?

    1. Pixelbite

      Thank you for playing! Yes, that is correct. We are working on one more mission for the Ava Storyline. It will be released as soon as it is ready! May take 2 weeks to finish and test it properly.

      1. Cuz

        Amazing!I hope the story of SM2 never end,and looking forward to your next brand-new game!

  21. Yuval

    Hey Great game. Love it!
    Quick question; I bought the Ava expansion, how can I get it to work on my son’s phone (family purchases)??

    1. Pixelbite

      On the purchase screen in the game (Pause menu -> World map (planet view) -> Ava Storyline) tap the “Restore Purchases”-button and you should receive the expansion on your son’s phone as well.

      If that doesn’t work contact us on and we will sort it out!

      1. Yuval

        Yup. Didn’t work. Sent an email to support…

  22. diggity

    Mission 11, The Exorcism – possible BUG… Is it just me, or could other people also travel via the ventilation ducts when controlling the drilling robot? I’m not saying I didn’t have fun experimenting with where it could go, but just seems to defy physics a tad too much.

    1. Pixelbite

      Good catch! A COR-V engineer is urgently looking into the matter. Heavy drilling robots traversing ventilation ducts violate health and safety regulations.

  23. Dave

    Honestly, even before this update, SM2 was the best game I’ve played for the iphone. The attention to detail and playability is off the charts, and whomever is writing the dialogue has an amazing sense of humour. Seriously, I’ll put down money on any future update the second it’s released. Game(s) of the year, hands down.

  24. Patrick

    great game. I loved Space Marshals from the very first title. It is the only game on ios that interests me for more than two hours.
    I’m looking forward to see more games like this comming from you.

  25. chris

    the exorcism part 2: how to get fourth part item?

    1. Pixelbite

      (Spoiler warning) This one?

      1. Ed

        Not sure if Chris was referring to that one, I’m missing the weapons part. Completed the mission several times, and have all the weapons, but I’m 3/4 on spare parts, and I’m missing one “Weapons Part”, presumably this one:

        IOS version if that matters. Am I missing something?

        1. Pixelbite

          Did you get the other weapon part on that mission where you linked the Youtube movie? On that movie it starts at ~5:15 and you need to use your drones effectively, which can be seen in the movie.

          1. Ed

            Yeah, I did that. My stats show I have all the drone parts (20), missing one weapons part (19). I honestly don’t recall if I ever saw that weapons part to be honest, you know you play a level several times to get all the gear at the end, and I was focussed on that drone part. But either way, all missions show 100% except for that one, stuck at 88% (Mission 11, the Exorcism), and 47/48 items. It’s not that big of a deal, finished the game otherwise and LOVED it. could be a bug I guess, was making sure I didn’t miss anything. I mean I walk over to where it should be at ~6:08 and nothing is there except some health. I also got the hat too.

          2. Ed

            UGH, never mind, totally my fault. I was counting the hat as a part of the spare part total, so I missed one of the weapons part in the long hallway towards the end.

            Thanks for your patience. Again, GREAT game, please keep them coming!


    Mission 8 old crash site , sub level there is a circuit board that shows on the map it appears to be on the outside in the water but it’s not accessible any reason why?

    1. Pixelbite

      Oops! Thanks for catching that one – it has been removed. That circuit board was not intended to still be there.

  27. Juan

    Pixebite! You guys are awesome! I have been playing the new missions since release with out any issues. I’d like to personally thank the level designers, some really challenging missions! Ava is great, and I hope you guys continue to add content to Marshals 2, and look forward to Marshals 3!

    You have earned a dedicated fan and a permanent space on my iphone.

  28. Carlos Santiago

    I’m looking forward to that possible mission after completing the AVA missions. Can’t get enough. If you sold shirts I would buy them!

  29. John

    I just finished the mission pack, and really enjoyed it.

    I appreciate all the new touches, and shift in strategy; SM2 was almost too “easy” (just get a high-damage long range weapon) coming straight from SM1, but these missions brought back the challenge as well as adding clever new things.

    And taking control of the drilling robot (which I guess it’s already been spoiled) was a hoot.

    As long as you guys keep making SM, I’ll continue to buy and play.

  30. Jimmy

    Hi Pixelbite,

    I found a bug about Ava’s hat and armor, steps are following:
    1. Changes Ava’s hat and armor in New Century Town
    2. Close the app and start again
    3. Ava’s hat and armor reset as default “no hat” and “Pilot’s Garbs”

    My Device is iPhone 6s and OS is 11.1.1

    1. Pixelbite

      Thanks for the report! This issue is fixed in the next update.

  31. Alex

    Hello, in mission 10, there are 2 stairs on the map, one in the house, next to the table and one outside. I cannot reach it… is it me or a little wooden case blocking the way? I suppose it’s supposed to give access to demolition charge and tunnels. Thx a lot – Great game !!!!

  32. Ben

    Ready for some new levels I’ve beaten all of 1 and 2 both main story and ava


    I’m sure you guys are already aware but the last update yesterday Wednesday 13th of December has completely decimated the game it won’t load anymore please work with Google play store to resolve it as a lot of people already paid 2.99 to get the previous update, thank you all

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  34. jason

    Hi – can see Ava option but when I want to buy it, the next screen says N/A under Green tick? I’m on iPad on UK store??? Thanks!

  35. Calvin

    Hey Pixelbite can you please make a bonus mission 5. That would be great. I have beaten all of the mission and I am now trying to find all of the cor-v tokens. Mabye you could make it so you have to defeat one hacker.

  36. James Hill

    Love both games and the Ava update. Ok, I’ve finished everything (several times) and I have a question about Ava mission 10 – storm of the century. Are the tunnels with blocked passages and the dynamite outside the the border just a tease? I can’t find any way to get to the explosive.

    1. Pixelbite

      Hi James,
      Those tunnels should not be accessible at all – that’s a bug.


    Can someone help with the spare parts of mission 10
    If seems we need a dynamite or key C and i have atleast seen a dynamite in that mission but key C is almost hidden.