Reckless Getaway 2 out now!

Reckless Getaway 2 out now!


“Suspect last seen in a beige golf cart heading down 22nd street. Yes, seriously…”

It ain’t no cakewalk topping the most-wanted list. It takes hard work and a sweet ride…

Dodge the heat and don’t get dead!


  • Free-roaming levels
  • Loads of epic cars to unlock
  • Simple controls
  • Pretty awesome graphics and physics
  • Gamepad support
  • Cloud save game support
  • English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 简体中文, 한국어, 日本語, 繁体中文, русский, Português do Brasil


  1. -DANG3RMAN-

    Pretty upset with this game, nothing at all like the first game.
    A big let down on what i thought would be a game of the year..
    A crap of the year, maybe…
    Very Very Big Disappointment…

  2. Gustavo Carneiro

    Hey guy’s, my name is Gustavo (i am a big fan)and I would like to ask about the new updates of Space Marshall 2(when will happens, if will be more) and the idea of making a third one!! Because I really like the game and you’re work, so I have sure that me and millions of players are waiting for a continuation, really appreciate for you’re time and bye bye.

  3. B4dboy42

    What are the team planning next? Waiting for more epic games to be produced by you guys.

    1. Dr.Ignition

      I enjoy your work PixelBite Looking forward to the next project – I would like to see a multiplayer space marshalls game – play against people around the world in Team deathmatch or capture the flag

  4. DGPS

    Getaway 2 is unplayable and ugly. Sorry to say this but wow I am so let down. The controls completely over steer with the gentlest tap. And Feels like a cheap cash grab for promos. Can you just add more levels to the first one? I would happily pay for that than get this POS for free.

  5. Winmaciek

    I didn’t like the game when I tried it for the first time. I expected something more like Reckless 1. After some time, however, I started to like it and I enjoy it now greatly. Can I expect 60 FPS a graphics to be added to iPad someday? I think that especially new Pro series would be capable of that.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      Thanks for reaching out. Glad you enjoy it! We are currently investigating 64 bit for Reckless getaway 2.

  6. Anonymous

    I would like to complain that I can’t get this on the iPad mini the first one.i really wanted to download it but then it said “this game in not compatible with device”.So I was wondering if you can put it on the iPad mini one the original one.

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      The minimum requirement to run the game, requires iPad mini 2 or later. Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer the game on earlier devices. Best regards, Pixelbite

  7. Duncan

    Excited for your next game. What are you guys working on? Announcement soon? (Please tell me Space Marshals 3 and Reckless Racing 4 are in the pipeline)

  8. Al

    Overall I like the game but saving up 100 coins to get a new car, it randomly picking a car you already own, still losing the 100 coins for it, and not getting a new car is BS. Seriously. Especially after watching 5 videos to get them because it’s almost impossible to collect 100 coins during gameplay.

  9. Slijkie

    The odds are really too much against the driver… even if you manage to avoid the much faster and stronger white police car for some time, you get blown to pieces by an unescapable helicopter…

    1. Random

      No if you have an APC white suvs wont affect you and if you don’t stay in one position for too long the airstrike wont come

  10. raphaeljoshua

    Why for old version of device not compatible to 4.4.4 i want to playe this game pls let me play this game looks cool

    1. Pixelbite

      Hi there,

      We do support Android 4.3 and 4.4. If your device is listed as not compatible it’s most likely due to your device does not have hardware support for OpenGL ES 3.0. This is not linked to the Android version of your device. It’s limited by the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of your device. This is not something we can easily fix in a patch.

      Best regards,



  12. TheGamerJustin

    Absolutely loving the game! I’m not sure if your still working on this but the only suggestion I really have is to add different police cars in a level, or atleast make us pay for different skins but still my favourite game

  13. Jack o lava

    Please make it support again for Android 5.1 with ram 1gb

    1. Pixelbite

      The game still supports Android 5.1. If your device is listed as not compatible in the Google Play Store it’s most likely due to your device does not have hardware support for OpenGL ES 3.0. This is limited by the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of your device, and not linked to the Android version of your device.