Game on!


Xenowerk has officially landed in the Appstore for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

A Top-Down Action shooter challenging your combat skills in an underground science lab crawling with mutants.

A result from an experiment gone horribly wrong.


The Xenowerk corporation are counting on you to prevent the mutant breed from spreading.

You have a long journey ahead with dangers lurking in every corner. Better load your weapon and buckle up!


Get your hands on the game for $ 1.99 HERE!


OBS! We are launching Xenowerk for Android devices very soon – stay tuned for announcements on our social channels

Twitter: @pixelbite

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pixelbite

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New update available of Space Marshals on GooglePlay Store – including fixes regarding graphical issues on several devices.

Get it HERE

We’re sorry for the inconvenience for all those struggling with this issue – we appreciate all the feedback we’ve been getting, helping us solving the problem.
If you’re still struggling getting the game to work – Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@pixelbite.se and we’ll do our best to help you from there.

Happy Bandit hunting everyone!!!

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So, Space Marshals, huh? Where do we start?

This is a game we always wanted to make and we felt our technology and tablet market was finally ready for it. For the last one and a half year this has been in design and development here at Pixelbite and now it’s soon ready for takeoff.

We’ve been trying to find the best words to categorize and describe Space Marshals – Top-down Tactical Shooter Action Adventure with Stealth and RPG Elements seemed too long, so we are going with Tactical Combat Adventure.

The tactical gameplay elements come down to load outs, covers, stealth and ambushes. Choosing your approach is vital for most situations. Some fights might not be worth picking and some need a little more finesse, but there is always the option to go in guns blazing.

All in all Space Marshals brings new gameplay territory the Pixelbite merit list and will launch in a total of 3 chapters with the first chapter launching very soon.


 Key Features

  • Tactical top-down shooter
  • Multiple missions/challenges
  • Mission loot rewards
  • Dual stick controls with a set of different options
  • Wide range of weapon choices
  • Retina and HD graphics
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Our latest title Repulze is coming soon!

Finally the super-duper secret “Project Future” is now revealed! The real title for our latest game is Repulze. It’s a futuristic racing game that takes the genre to a new level. With beautiful graphics, super-fluid gameplay based on polarity energy and repulse power technology you’re in for whole new racing treat! In addition you’ll have nine challenging levels to master, six slick hovercrafts to obtain and 10 ranks to climb. Check out the teaser!

UPDATE: Repulze will have multiple game modes, also known as Phases. The first phase to be released is a solo racing time trial where the goal is to push the speed limit to the max!



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