Caroline Tinebo


So, Space Marshals, huh? Where do we start?

This is a game we always wanted to make and we felt our technology and tablet market was finally ready for it. For the last one and a half year this has been in design and development here at Pixelbite and now it’s soon ready for takeoff.

We’ve been trying to find the best words to categorize and describe Space Marshals – Top-down Tactical Shooter Action Adventure with Stealth and RPG Elements seemed too long, so we are going with Tactical Combat Adventure.

The tactical gameplay elements come down to load outs, covers, stealth and ambushes. Choosing your approach is vital for most situations. Some fights might not be worth picking and some need a little more finesse, but there is always the option to go in guns blazing.

All in all Space Marshals brings new gameplay territory the Pixelbite merit list and will launch in a total of 3 chapters with the first chapter launching very soon.


 Key Features

  • Tactical top-down shooter
  • Multiple missions/challenges
  • Mission loot rewards
  • Dual stick controls with a set of different options
  • Wide range of weapon choices
  • Retina and HD graphics
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We have found that the save and load system for some of our games do not work properly on iOS 8. We’ve tracked down and fixed this issue now, but the App review process is limiting how fast we can get this patch out. Right now this is predicted to about two weeks, but it can go faster or slower. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused!

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Reckless Racing 3 – Environments

To sum up our chapter about the upcoming environments for Reckless Racing 3 here’s the final announcement of what to expect this fall regarding environment context. The last two environments are called THE ZONE and OFF ROAD ARENA. Where the first mentioned scents a feeling of an east state suburb featuring an old nuclear reactor and industry backgrounds. Giving you a total of 6 racing routes.


The latter environment is the OFF ROAD ARENA. This is a typical Reckless theme that really enables epic dirt drifts! Let loose on a total of 4 routes.

We’re definitely excited about the visual backgrounds for Reckless Racing 3 – Hope y’all out there are too!

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Here’s another sneak peak of background visuals for Reckless Racing 3. Above THE PARK environment is represented.  In this setting you’ll find areas such as a harbor, a golf course and a quarry making up a total of 4 different routes.

Yet another environment context for Reckless Racing 3 is THE VINEYARD. Here you’ll find yourself cruising around in rapid speed feeling like you’re in the outer back of Provence.


Drift around like a champ on beautiful sceneries and let yourself go into the world of RECKLESS!


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