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Space Marshals 2 – Thanks and Ava Bonus mission progress (UPDATED)

Thank you for all the awesome feedback and support you have given us!

There’s one more bonus mission coming for the Ava mission pack and it’s about 80% complete. Right now the biggest job left is to test, tweak, polish and translate. If all goes according to plan it could hit the stores next week.

We’re holding off until then with all the minor bug fixes as well. Don’t want to spam you with too many updates.

—- [Update 2017-12-08] —-

The update will start rolling out today!
The iOS version has passed iTunes review and should go live any second now.
The Android version will go live this evening (Central European Time).
The Apply TV version is waiting for review, but hopefully should go live tonight (Central European Time).

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Space Marshals 2 – Ava Mission Pack Released

We’re proud to announce that the Ava Mission Pack ($2.99) has just been released for Space Marshals 2!

It is available on the AppStore (iOS and Apple TV) and Google Play (open beta).
Space Marshals 2 on the AppStore
Space Marshals 2 on the Google Play (open beta)

Ava’s storyline complements and infuses the main story with a little more intrigue in 10 new missions.

Ava has a different and unique playstyle that is more focused on crowd control and trickery. Her arsenal includes the modifiable Riot Gun and Drone. The Riot Gun is a “non-lethal” weapon that knocks her opponents around. It can be modified to add different effects, such as electric shock or fiery infernos. The Drone is remote controlled and, by default, is used to remote access terminals and distract enemies, but it can be equipped with guns and grenades instead.

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