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Games and coffee

When the smelly, bearded people who make games actually make the games, they drink coffee. Coffee and game making goes together like coffee and cookies, or coffee and a big mug.

Coffee makes your mind and reflexes faster, which is beneficial both when playing games, and making games. After all, everyone knows there’s no real difference between making games and playing games. Jedi reflexes during the development means the game gets done quicker, which is good news for you since you can enjoy a cup of coffee to our game sooner. And a cookie!

To get everyone at the office properly caffeninated, we purchased a technical device that creates coffee by the push of a magical button. Similar to playing a game! To date, the machine have produced 3300 cups of game making juice for us, which boils down to about 200 cups every week. That’s a total of 820 liter coffee! If coffee was made of gasoline, a decent car would get a quarter way around the earth with all the coffee we’ve had.

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