Space Marshals 3 – CHAPTER ONE – November 5

Space Marshals 3 – CHAPTER ONE – November 5


Space Marshals 3 will be released a little later than first anticipated. We appologise for this, but the good news is that it’s just a few days. Space Marshals 3 Chapter One will hit the stores on November 5th!

It will be free to try out the first couple of levels, then a $4.99 purchase to unlock the first chapter.

Pre-Orders is available now (for the free download) on the App Store. (updated) Due to technical issues Pre-register will not be available for Google Play.

You can check out the trailer here:


  1. Karen Dubrey


  2. Artiom

    Great news. Can’t wait anymore to start playing it!

  3. Luca

    You guys are considering release space marshals on others platforms. like switch and PlayStation?

    1. 유기범

      와 기다리고 또 기다렸습니다!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  4. Arne

    I pre-ordered in the App Store and cannot wait to play the game

    1. Gurdeep singh

      And why was it not released for android 6 you should have thought about that who has played both early space marshals game but will unable to play this one. And will you release it for android 6 by any chance in future.

  5. Chief

    How many pre-orders have you got so far?

  6. JoshuAwesome

    Thank you!

  7. Artiom

    Already playing!

    1. Evolyzer

      Can’t wait for the next chapter to come

  8. Chief

    It’s out

  9. Klaus

    I just downloaded it and play it on the new iPhone 12 pro. The frame rate of scrolling while walking around is abysmal, it is almost unplayable. You need to fix this urgently.

    1. Pixelbite

      Thank you for letting us know. It was a bit unexpected and we’ll will look into what we can do.

      As a temporary solution – Have you tried tweaking graphics settings in the options menu? Sliding down the resolution slider slightly can have a large performance impact (and save some battery too)

      1. Klaus

        Thank you for looking into it! I have tried changing the graphics to the worst setting, but the problems stay the same.

      2. Klaus

        I am not sure whether it is the same issue, but there are some reports that iPhone 12 has performance problems with certain games, notably PUBG. These reports describe one strange thing that I can also reproduce with Space Marshals 3: When I turn on iOS screen recording, the frame rate is perfect. When I turn screen recording off, the game gets jerky again.

        1. Pixelbite

          Thank you for letting us know!

  10. Ignac

    Looks like the game is out, downloading now. Will buy the additional chapters immediately – always keen to support you guys. That being said the three chapters, each for 5eur might be a bit too steep for many people – 15eur in total for a mobile game is a lot.

    1. Pixelbite

      We appreciate your support! Yes, the price point is a tricky subject. It isn’t decided yet for the upcoming chapters.

  11. Henry

    When will be ready on Chinese store?

    1. Pixelbite

      Unfortunately, it will not be at this time, due to Chinese regulations.

  12. Ernesto

    Hi guys,
    great game, thanks for making it 🙂 One thing I noticed though (playing on iphone SE, the old one) – the engine seems to be new / significantly changed compared to SM1 / 2 and subjectively the visuals look slightly worse on my phone, even when setting the resolution and details to max. Is someone else experiencing this? Perhaps it’s down to me playing on an old device?

  13. Yuval

    Hey, guys, I started playing yesterday. Love it!
    I noticed that the family sharing option is not working; my son also wanted to play the game, and restoring purchases did not work…

    Can this be done?

    1. Pixelbite

      Hey Yuval, Great to hear you’re enjoying it!

      This seemed strange since we enabled this for all our games, but have looked into it now, and it seems in-apps are not part of Apple Family sharing program. More info here:

  14. Bert

    I agree about the visuals not being razor sharp like the first 2 installments… they seem to be a step down on my iPad Air 2 with pixelation and jaggy lines

    1. Pixelbite

      It has been a challenge to keep backwards compatibility with the older devices.
      Try to experiment with the graphics options. If you want higher resolution try lowering shader detail instead.

      1. Bert

        Hi! I only see low,medium, high options… nothing for the shader specifically? Or is that the resolution number?

        1. Pixelbite

          Sorry, it is called “Detail level” (LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH) in the menu, but actually affects which shaders and effects are used.

  15. Ernesto

    Just finished the first chapter. Truly amazing game, well fit for mobile, great replay value. Thanks guys for making it, it’s just a shame there’s so few mobile devs who make great games like this one, without annoying f2p elements.

  16. msjdimd


    1. Pixelbite

      Unfortunately we do not know. New regulations in China prevents us to release the game in the region.

  17. Wes

    I turned all the graphics settings to maximum, but it’s still looking pixelated and much less sharper than SM 1 or 2. Is this a known issue? Frame rate is a little slow as well.

  18. lodg1111

    Really surprising to me 3 is suddenly out given that the comments on space marshals 2 shows pixelbite is not gonna to launch space marshals 3 development.

    Will continue to support the game development by payment, but note that
    IOS is 37.5% CHEAPER than Google store in my region.

    At the end I still purchase in Android as my android has a better display and i’d like to pay more to support this game development.

    1. Pixelbite

      Thank you for your support!

      How prices are set varies between the stores. We wish there was a good way to keep the pricing in sync.

  19. Andy Wilson

    SM2 had 20 levels, I even bought the extra Ava missions, and thoroughly enjoyed it & it’s predecessor. How many chapters will there be in SM3? How many times will you expect us to pay the price of the previous game for half of the content? I appreciate the lack of adverts means you have to gain revenue elsewhere but this just screams of taking advantage of fans of the series.

  20. GAbitbol

    Congrats guys !

    Finished this 1st chapter, what I can say is that I’m very happy and especially since my only disappointments about SM2 was the lack of diversity whether enemies or levels, I felt that there were less types and creative enemies than SM1 and the levels were too similar, although being able to play Ava and her special skills made up for that.

    So far I love the attention to details and the diversity of levels design, upgrades like stealthy bushes, and it seems there will be as well lots of different types of enemies (love the new “zombie” ones) !
    I really hope we’ll be able to play Ava as well in the upcoming chapters 😉

    As for the pricing, as mentioned above if every chapter is 5€ some people might get away from it, as for 15€ you got games like Final Fantasy’s in which you have a huge story, wide world, ability to level up and various types of upgrades and all.
    But on the other side we’re aware you’re not as big as Square and that development is expensive so I’ll buy them anyway, but maybe it could be fun to introduce in other chapters some kind of leveling up system, especially since we have to play each level several times to get all equipment ?

    Anyway, great job guys, keep on rockin and can’t wait for the upcoming stuff !

  21. Bill Sanders

    Waited forever for this game to come out and it won’t even download on my iPad because I need os 13? How sad. The other two versions were perfect why create a version for a present os when the old platform would have worked anyway. In other words if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Serious mistake. On top of that I read comments about poor graphic quality. There was never an issue with the quality of the graphics in the previous versions.

  22. JasonF

    Clearly I’ve missed the obvious but where do I spend the bazaar coins I’ve picked up???

    1. Pixelbite

      The merchant is hiding out in the Scrap Shack level, just after the bridge.

      1. Anon Ymous

        After buying something at the shack, do I have to finish the level or can I quit the mission and keep my purchase?

        1. Pixelbite

          No, you can just leave after you bought something.

  23. Chief

    Enjoying it so far. Taking my time.

    I understand that we won’t get all the awesome stuff till the other 2 chapters are out.

    Also, don’t listen to pricing issues. I am more than happy to pay for each mission set.

    People do not understand that this is a new IP and not just a remake being sold at £15.

    Please keep it backward compatible and keep it IAP and advert free. This is a skills based game (well it‘a quite easy for the most of us) but add some sort of equipment upgrade system. Or maybe a modifier on existing weapons?

    It will save you from coming up with 30 differnet weapons.

  24. Иван

    почему щит уменьшился после траты монет?

  25. Milen


    will the game be available for Nvidia Shield as well (like SM1 and SM2 were)?

    Really looking forward to it.


  26. Ngurah subagiarta

    I just started 5-6 levels so far. And as of now 30 november I’m still having graphics and frame rate issue running on my Galaxy S9+ with exynos 9810. I hope you guys are still working on this issues. Pls dont tell us to lower any graphics setting as i play SM1,2 with max setting and they both are very solid and smooth. Again pls fix this issue before you launch chapter 2. Thanks Pixelbite