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Can't download our game?
Make sure you have working internet connection, preferably via WIFI since our games can be too large to download over 3G.
Game won't install?
Are you sure you have enough available storage capacity? Are you sure your device meets the minimum requirements? If the installation still won’t install please submit to your phone vendor, Google or Apple.
How do I transfer savegame between devices?
If the game doesn’t clearly state that it supports Cloud Saves, then playing on multiple devices is not supported. If you have iOS you can however backup and restore a savegame using iCloud. If you have Android please submit to your vendor for support regarding transfer between devices.
How do I restore in-app purchases on Android?
Check your Google play account. In order to restore purchases you must use the same account as when you first downloaded, and then tap the Restore button within the game.
Game doesn't run well on my Android device?
Make sure you have a device which is capable of running high-end 3D graphics before purchasing. Restarting the device before playing can also help boost the performance.

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