This all-new addition to the legendary arcade hit series, Hydro Thunder GO for Windows Phone 7, features amazing dynamic water physics, transformable rocket-powered boats, gorgeous visuals and over-the-top interactive environments.

Blast through the 9 specially made Hunder Thunder GO levels filled with spectacular events and challenges; ranging from tropical pirate ship battles to collapsing ice caverns on the arctic circle, from UFO invasions to lost dinosaur islands. Along with the unlockable bonus boats there is a new Hydro Blaze expert game mode putting your Hydro Thunder skills to the test on a special track.


  • 12 sleek powerboats and goofball bonus boats, including classics such as Miss Behave, Rad Hazard and Tinytanic
  • 9 action packed levels to blast through
  • Fantastic detailed environments rendered with reflections, dynamic lighting and animations
  • Xbox LIVE Leaderboard enabled
  • Battle against your friends’ Ghost recordings and earn Xbox LIVE Achievements

Mobile Screenshot 5

Mobile Screenshot 2