What's new? Reckless Racing 2 of course!

Hey all racing fans out there! We’re very sorry that this blog hasn’t been as up-to-date as we planned and hoped but now it has got an revival. So what’s new? Well a lot of things have happened since last time we shared a post to the world. That time about the awesome coffee machine we procured… One big thing we’ve been working on is Reckless Racing 2 (“omg are you serious? That’s awesome!” might be your reaction. Yes we’re very serious), a sequel to the beloved and successful Reckless Racing. The game will be available for Android and iOS in the beginning of February. For many of you, this might be old news since as this post is being written it’s only a few days left until release. But for some this is totally new and it might be fun for all of you to get an little insight in how and why we made this game.

So what is Reckless Racing 2? A racing game? Yes. An awesome reckless racing game? Yes. An oh-my-god-I-just-I-fell-off-my-chair-because-this-game-is-so-freaking-awesome game? Perhaps. This was perhaps our biggest and most challenging project so far. We had to make something even better than the prequel. We had to keep the essence of which made the prequel great but then add new features that could elevate the game to a higher level of awesomeness that still fitted into the world of Reckless Racing. During the production we took note of what our fans loved about the prequel and then mixed that with cleanliness, chrome and a lot more content.


For Reckless Racing 2 we have added a great deal of more play time and re-playability.  We want you to feel that you always make progress in every race you play, whether that’s winning a cup, earning credits or climbing a leaderboard – all races count. Brought into the mix, among loads of other things, are new environments and terrains with a lot more routes than before. You will now be able to experience rough races not only on dirt roads but also on Formula 1 tracks with super fast and stylish cars. You will also be able to personalize your cars by buying upgrades and alternative looks for them. To earn credits, you have to win cups, which also are two new features.


Do you like amazing graphics and physics? So do we! We think you’ll be more than satisfied with what you will get from Reckless Racing 2! (a very cheesy salesman line, we know). We have focused a lot on creating high quality graphics in each environment to make them unique and real eye-candy for you. Among other things there’s a shader based game engine with normalmaps, reflections, specularity, shadows and particles so that we can give all we got visually. We’ve also worked hard to make the physics become as credible, extraordinary and fun. Reckless Racing 2 wouldn’t be worthy its name if it didn’t have awesome physics to support recklessness, would it?

So, if you managed to bear with us all the way to the end of this blog post, we wish you an insanely, awesome, great time playing Reckless Racing 2! And we also promise that there will be a lot more activity on this blog henceforward so that our fans and players can take part of what’s happening inside Pixelbite!


/The Pixelbite team

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