Xenowerk Tactics update out now! (updated)

Xenowerk Tactics update out now! (updated)

We’ve just released a larger update for Xenowerk Tactics!

TWO NEW SKILLS: The scientist and ranger classes both receive an additional level 1 skill. Gun Turret and Flare Shot, respectively. This adds more player choice on earlier combat scenarios and some well-needed extra power for the new Hard Mode.

EXPLORATION MODE: This mode lets you continue a campaign after the story has concluded. It will also be possible to convert any previously ended campaign into this mode. Everything, but the Ambrosia mission threads, is playable, endlessly…

HARD MODE: There’s an easy way to implement a hard mode, just increase damage numbers and decrease health numbers. That’s boring, so we did it the hard way. The mutant horde has now become more deadly and gained various powers, such as Pyrokinesis, Radioactive Blood, Stalking, Teleportation, adding a new dimension to the tactical challenge. Prepare to go MIA!

On a more serious note, this mode is recommended for more experienced players who want some additional challenge. It is designed to be harder, but hopefully, in a fair and interesting way.


  • Scout mutants now enrage nearby mutants.
  • Flying mutants in the mountain biome now cause damage and slow down on death.
  • Mutant projectiles now leave a radioactive residue on impact.
  • Clearer healing/regeneration indicator on mutants.
  • Hardshell mutants are now immune to stun effects.
  • Enemy health bars shown on tactical pause.
  • Graphics detail options added. (iOS)
  • AI path-finding optimized and improved.
  • All mails related to Command Center upgrades high-lighted.
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes.


  1. Honest feedback

    I liked the game at first but after a kind of quick end (Xenoworks rules the world) I tried to follow the Ambrosia route. Result that for the third time when doing 2 missions in a row and walking a long distance on the map it looks like the mechanics try to make sure I can’t succeed. Results dead squad and even when surviving walking back to safe house results in 4-5x being ambushed making sure I get killed whatever I tried. Results is that I got frustrated and deleted the game…..

    1. Pixelbite

      Thank you for your feedback. It is partly a game of chance and about dealing with setbacks, but it seems you have had a very unlucky run and I can understand your frustration.

      A few tips if you want to go for the Ambrosia ending. You do have plenty of time, so no need to push your expeditions too hard each day. If you decide to go for longer expeditions then traits, skills and squad harmony are very important factors for success. If you are uncertain you can make it bring along a Emergency Evacuation flare – as long as someone is alive and not in a swamp you can evac the whole squad.

      (Information in this comment may or may not apply to hard mode…)

      1. woody

        bug report
        the game crashed as soon as I clicked to play
        device:iPad Air2

      2. woods

        bug report
        the game crashed as soon as I clicked to play
        device:iPad Air2

        1. Pixelbite

          Thanks for reporting this. We’ll look into this as soon as possible.

  2. Razvan

    Tried the hard mode. It is certainly more interesting than the easy mode, as it makes combat actually challenging. The problem for me now is that I have to grind a lot to actually progress. And that’s not fun. Doing the same repetitive mission again and again and again just to get enough xp to progress to the next mission is annoying. The originals xenowerk was a lot more balanced, up to a point where difficulty became near impossible.

    This is the same as XCOM, but in xcom, every won mission gave you some kind of upgrade or advantage. There was gratification, in the form of a new upgrade or base building or level up. Here, none. That’s why I deleted it.

  3. seongjun

    Hard mode is so hard….. it is so hard to kill invisible monsters…please update…

  4. 林顏彬

    Hello, after the game is started for the second time, the screen will turn black after reading it. For a long time, the screen will be black. I must restart the computer to play the game normally. (Attach my mobile information, screenshots of the game version) I have sent the mail, please confirm, thank you.

  5. A gamer

    Nice game. The hard mode is nice and challanging. Just the facilities with 100% of the mutants are out of sight till they stand in front of you are annoying as there is no talent to increase the visibility.
    On another note, i started with the free version and upgraded to full and proceed the same save game. Now i get a game over email for 26th day. Is this a relict from the demo gamestart or because xenowerk is on 100%?

    1. Pixelbite

      Glad to hear you like the game. The invisible mutants can be spotted if you fire a flare. Once a faction (other than Ambrosia) reach 100% you have a few days to save the planet. If you don’t: it’s game over. But you can continue playing in “Explore” mode.

      1. Brainous

        I’ve been using flares thinking they’d expose invisible enemies and it’s not werking. I came here to see if there was another way to expose them and saw this… possible bug?

        1. Pixelbite

          Yes, it is intended that the flares indirectly makes invisible enemies visible through its area of effect damage. Any damage to an invisible enemy should make them visible.

          1. Brainous

            Oh, thank you for the clarification! I was thinking close proximity to the flare’s light alone would make them visible.

  6. Claus Santa P.

    I, too, got tired of the game. even in easiest mode, the “plot” is quickly lost and interest flagged. The game is simply unbalanced and there is no satisfaction that comes from doing mission-after-mission. I tried to like the game, but finally gave it up.

  7. Roy

    Is there a guide to the game? I think the skulls mean difficulty but I’m also trying to figure out what the numbers for the mission cards on the deployment map mean, 1, 2 but some don’t have numbers.

  8. Rafat

    I purchased premium and now the buy premium WONT GO AWAY!!! I uninstalled, cleared cache, and did everything else to try to play but nothing will let me. Please get rid of that screen or give it a back button. Its like the game forgot im premium. Wtf

  9. Major Payne

    I loved it! Tack så mycket! It took a while to finnish all the challenges, but I had lots of Fun while doing it. Keep up the good work!

  10. Jerom K

    Space Marshals 3 – 2022?

  11. Gattevoni Naresh

    Why not downloading new version in the app

  12. SleepySandman

    Solid job. Excellent reincarnation of the original. I think many people don’t realize this is not Fallout and tactics over full map exploration is the point. I will, however, agree with a comment above. On a long campaign perhaps more variation in missions? Or greater rewards for elevated progression? Also $8 seems just a touch high, IMO. Still 4.58767788/5 stars.