A new content update for Xenowerk just hit the Appstore and Google Play!

The update includes a whole new chapter with 10 new levels – featuring timed mission gameplay.





  1. Rose

    It would be helpful to add a link to the app stores 🙂

  2. Sedat


    btw love all your work peace and much luck for the future. I never played a better game then space marshals.

  3. Lucano

    The new levels are great!!! So challenging!!! Keep up the great job!

  4. Robert Villanueva

    Looks cool

  5. Christian Tumamak

    Will you guys still update this game in the future? I’m addicted to this game

    1. Caroline Tinebo

      We are not working on any new content at this time. Nothing set for the future either. This may however change.

  6. Christian Tumamak

    That’s sad to hear. I’m almost done completing all the levels and just itching for more content! Thank you for that awesome game though, it’s one of my all time favorite games! More power to you guys, keep making great games. I’ll sure to get the latest games from you guys!

  7. Jordan

    Love the game. Can’t login game center through apple tv. Would love to download on my phone also.

  8. Leslie Libal

    So, are these new Xenowerk levels coming to the Apple TV version?


  9. Oleg

    Guys, why sometimes weapons upgrades resetting? As I see after killing app via Swype in recent apps menu

  10. Guttsy911

    Please fix not working on iOS 10… Been on iOS 10 from public beta 2 to 5 and the only game not working for me is Xenowerk Oh and I know it’s my fault for beta but… just hoping it’s a quick fix anyhow

    1. Pixelbite

      > Please fix not working on iOS 10…

      We are aware of the issue in the beta. It isn’t possible to fix on our side until we’re allowed to release software targeting iOS 10. So have to wait for the Gold Master before we can patch.

  11. Ra1n3R

    No Updates for Amazon-Users? FireTV? 🙁

    1. Pixelbite

      We’re working on an Amazon patch. But we don’t have an official date yet.


    What if the game in survival mode so has its own castle and fight against other players. will be more interesting

  13. Olivier

    Bonjour,moi c’est olivier de France.
    Cela fait un moment que j’ai joué,terminé et adoré votre jeu “Xenowerk”! Ça a été le meilleur jeu que j’ai joué sur téléphone portable! Je voulais savoir si une mise à jour ou encore mieux,un “Xenowerk 2” était prévu??? Même payant,les yeux fermé je le prend!
    Merci à vous pour vos super jeux!

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