Work in progress

Work in progress

We get asked a specific question a lot recently and the answer is: No, we haven’t been abducted or been slacking off… 🙂 We’re hard at work and very focused on our next project! It isn’t going to be Space Marshals 3. (That is going to happen, but just not yet!) At the moment we’re working on something new and different that should hit the stores in the second half of 2018. Hopefully we can release more information in a while.


  1. Cuz

    Finally!Finally!As you can’t tell more details about the new project,just one question,hope you can reveal.
    What type of this game?
    Like SM?The pic is too indistinct…I just see a monster with tail over there,in the jungle?Jungle Marshals?lol…

    1. Anonymous

      No details for you sorry

  2. Kor

    No plan for the switch version ? It’s a perfect platform for pixelbite though

    1. Pixelbite

      Currently we’re not considering the Switch platform. But it’s a pretty sweet device so we won’t say never…

  3. Arne

    I like those teasers! And I’m very excited for every new content update and new Space Marshals sequels! Just can’t wait

  4. Ronan

    Wooooooo exciting news indeed. Jungle!
    Can’t wait to know more.

  5. Ben

    Ooh! Fun, fun! Like how Cuz said, what kind of game will it be? Shooter? You guys are fantastic at shooters.
    Please release more info soon!!!

    1. Ben

      Also, glad to hear that you guys want to make a Space Marshals 3! When could we see data about SM3? Probably not for a while if you are working on this….project.

  6. Donuagadugu

    So excited to read this. Whatever it is, I know it’s going to be awesome. It doesn’t matter if you guys need a whole year.

  7. Petr

    Xenowerk 2?

  8. Philbou25

    I think it’s Xenowerk 2 because it’s the only game you’ve created with a single copy (space marshal has 2, reckless has 5 and the picture does not have a game at all come repulze)

  9. Ivan

    To Xenowerk( Nie! Lepiej rok czekac Space Marshals 3!

  10. Marshal Burton

    When will space marshals 3 be considered maybe in September.

  11. Johnny

    For my favorite company, I hope it’s applied for AppleTV not only iOS. also, I hope to be a Stealth genre.

  12. Luis Davim

    I would love to see your games on the switch.

  13. Ahmad

    Very excited to this new project, if its not sm3 please let it be xenowrek 2 that game really need a sequel.

  14. Anonymous

    When will come the SM2 update with new devices support – like SM1?

  15. Hermann

    La suite de SPACE MARSHALS nous fera très plaisir!! J’ai adoré les deux premiers volets, impatience pour le 3è volet alors…

  16. Patrick

    Hello PIxelbite,
    Any update on this new project/other items you are working on? Updates to SM2, possible teaser for SM3?

  17. Juj

    Do I smell Xenowerk 2?

  18. Leon

    I hope its not another Xenowerk. I am looking forward to SM3 though. Hope that comes soon. Cheers

  19. Boi

    I’m very excited

  20. yeradis

    Just hope you are targeting the Apple TV 😉

  21. Gabriel menezes

    Eu espero que tenha uma atualização para space marshals 2.
    E espero que esse novo jogo seja parecido com ele por ser muito bom a engine do game..

  22. Najep

    I hope you guys make RPG medival games just like space marshal 2 but it medival age sword mage and stuff.. and good story..

  23. Gabriel

    Will the game be free? That is what sometimes draws people to games. An example: (this is obvious, but) Fortnite is in part really popular becuase it is free. I can’t wait to see what the game is. I’ve played Space Marchals and it is my favorite game.

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