Space Marshals 2 – Thanks and Ava Bonus mission progress (UPDATED)

Space Marshals 2 – Thanks and Ava Bonus mission progress (UPDATED)

Thank you for all the awesome feedback and support you have given us!

There’s one more bonus mission coming for the Ava mission pack and it’s about 80% complete. Right now the biggest job left is to test, tweak, polish and translate. If all goes according to plan it could hit the stores next week.

We’re holding off until then with all the minor bug fixes as well. Don’t want to spam you with too many updates.

—- [Update 2017-12-08] —-

The update will start rolling out today!
The iOS version has passed iTunes review and should go live any second now.
The Android version will go live this evening (Central European Time).
The Apply TV version is waiting for review, but hopefully should go live tonight (Central European Time).


  1. Jimmy

    Is there a mission pack about Gavin in furture?

    1. Alexsei

      Dear developers, I’m sorry, but I do not support your game spase marshal 2 on my phone, my phone is called BQru 5035 velvet fix it please android 7.0 version mali.

  2. Jimmy

    Hi Pixelbite

    Is there a mission pack about Gavin in furture?

    1. Pixelbite

      Probably not, but never say never…

      1. Justin

        Pixelbite I would like to ask you if Space Marshals 2 is compatible with an Acer Chromebook and that does not have a touchscreen. you can contact me at
        Justin W. McCutcheon.

  3. Cuz

    Contains how many new levels?

    1. Pixelbite

      The Ava mission pack is 10 missions, plus one bonus mission which isn’t ready yet. (Worth to mention – we don’t count Ava’s third mission as a mission… So there’s 10 mission, mission 1 – 11, and one more is coming.)

  4. J

    is it possible to get the spare part in mission 5 (Bog bandits)? I tried teleporter drone and demolition drone – the demolition drone does nothing to the tree and the teleporter drone is just destroyed without teleporting me – is there another way to reach this spare part?


    1. Pixelbite

      Yes, it is possible to take all spare parts, but we may have hidden the way there a bit too ambitiously… Spoiler warning:

  5. Ben

    First off, the Ava DLC was great.
    I see in the comments that you say that you will probably not have Gavin as a DLC character (emphasis on “probably.) I must say that it would be a great addition to the game.
    Keep on wowing the fans!

    1. John

      In mission 11 the exorcism I can only find 3 out of 4 spare parts. What am I missing. Thanks

  6. Yanni

    The new elements introduced in the Ava mission pack I.e Drones, Customizable weapons ,speaks of good things to come in Space Marshals 3. Looking forward to it!

  7. Jan

    Finally finished the game – best marks, all parts – as well as in SM1 and 2. Awesome game, thanks – hope for more additions in the future.

  8. Cuz

    Can the update coming out this week?

    1. Pixelbite

      The update will start rolling out today.
      The iOS version has passed iTunes review and should go live any second now.
      The Android version will go live this evening (Central European Time).
      The Apply TV version is waiting for review, but hopefully should go live tonight (Central European Time).

      1. Cuz

        Amazing!Already updated!!!And may i ask how many new bonus mission of this update?

      2. Don Maestro

        Hello! And thanks for the game!
        Is there any discount for Ava pack on iOS in future?

      3. Don

        Hello! Thanks for the great game! But is there any discount in future for Ava pack?

        1. Don

          Sorry for double message – browser error

  9. J singh

    Hi pixelbite
    It was a Great update for a great game. But I wanted to ask would there be a similar update for Blackburn cuz this guy has a shady background plus he was with graywater. So I think there potentially can be a storyline.
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  10. J singh

    Hey pixelbite
    One more question, is it gonna be the last major update our there are more to be had?

  11. Jan

    Just finished, thanks for this addition. Hope for much more in the future, Space Marshals is the best iphone game I know.

  12. Dark fire

    I would love to see a space marshals 3

  13. Jaewon

    Thank you. It’s good game.
    Today, this game was updated in Korean google app store.
    But, it was not running.
    Check it, please.

    1. Jaewon

      My device is Galaxy Note FE.
      I downloaded it from Google Play Store.
      The version is 1.5.7.
      When I run the game, it displays this message:
      “Validation failed. Please download the game from the Google Play Store.”

      1. Pixelbite

        Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  14. Pavel

    Hello, will you continue bonus Ava’s mission pack?

  15. Desmond

    Hi pixelbite,
    the game cant be launch after the latest update. pls fix the game.

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  16. Matt

    Any word on fixing the game for Android? There are a lot of reviews stating it is broken. Is anyone working on it?

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  17. Keeper27

    Не работают маршалы2 после обновы,ни у кого ,и купленые тоже не работают .а так игра хорошая БЫЛА!

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  18. Keeper27

    Вы не читаете отзывы в маркете ,там уже 3 дня все жалуются ,не зайти в игру.

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  19. Stefan

    Latest update seems to have destroyed the game on android, any hint on how to undestroy it?

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  20. McSchneidmo

    Hey guys,
    your game doesn’t at the moment. Afer installing from google play store (~50 MB) and pushing the Start-Button you’ll get an error message and the game didn’t get updatet 🙁

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  21. Kim

    The game does not run after updating. It is just not me. All of korean users. Plz check this ploblem.

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  22. Gabo

    After last update the game wont start. Stuck at download screen…

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  23. Ivan

    Dear developers! The game is gorgeous! Best for android devices in its genre. I bought both storylines space marshals 2 but after the last update the game does not start. The cache file is missing and new files are not downloaded. Please answer: what happened and are going to do you to correct the situation?

    1. Pixelbite

      Sorry for the late reply. This issue has been fixed.

  24. Keeper27

    Маршалы 2 починили .спасибо,заходит.

  25. Ivan

    Thank you for that all fixed! I will wait for new missions or perhaps space marshals 3.

  26. Kay

    Thanks for your amazing games.
    I am looking forward to seeing your new games , if there are space marshals 3 , I will download the game without hesitation!
    I have a question: will there be more mission coming up later? About space marshals 2
    Looking forward to hearing your reply:)
    Wish your team all the best

  27. Yo

    Is there a reason Ava sounds like a dude when she picks up a health pack

  28. matt

    is this new update seriously 600+mb??? it’s only 50mb on my phone now

  29. Michal Jaster

    Anything we can to convince you include a random mission generator?

    This is one of my favourite games of all times, but I complete tye missions rather fast.


  30. Ivan

    Hi, Pixelbite! When is planned the release of the new mission of Ava?

  31. Omar De Jesus

    Mission 10 AVA i cant find the spare parts

  32. CRS

    By far my favorite mobile game ever. So much content for so little cost. Quality graphics, challenging gameplay, an assortment of weapons and gadgets, diverse environments, tough enemies and varied missions; what’s not to like.
    Please keep making games. I may be in the minority here, but I would be happy to pay more if it meant more quality content. I don’t want to see any in-app purchases, but I’d happily pay a few more bucks for the game.
    If I had any suggestions for Marshall’s 3… maybe a skill tree that would encourage multiple playthroughs with custom characters, alternate story paths, but in all honesty I would be happy if you guys just made it. Your base gameplay mechanics are so good, please expound on that.

  33. Jesther

    Hello, Pixelbite! I honestly want to say this game is a master piece. And, is a treasure. I’ve downloaded and played hundreds of games, but this keeps me entertained even if I already finished the game a couple times (tho, my phone lags and I can’t seem to enjoy much of the game play. I just hope you make optimizations for Oppo phones with 2 gb rams). Will be there Space Marshals 3? Please have one without iaps, like we could buy the whole game with just one payment. Please please make another version! You inspire me, Pixelbite. Please make another version. Please make another beautiful one. Hope for a response! God bless you all.

  34. Richi

    Hi there. I noticed that on mission 10 (storm of the century) there is a place undergound where you need to use dynamite. The thing is i cant seem to find dynamite anywhere on this level. Anyone can help me with that?

    1. Pixelbite

      Hi Richi,
      Those tunnels should not be accessible at all – that’s a bug.

  35. Anonymous

    Hi, I was wandering if you have any plans to release another space marshals(or another tactical shooter) game in the future?
    I would really love a space marshals 3 🙂

  36. Ben

    Hi Pixelbite,
    Out of curiosity, what are you guys working on now? More SM2 DLC? A different game?…Maybe even Space Marshals 3?! (With tons of content and levels and customization and all that jazz? Hint, hint.)
    But really, more storylines and a SM3 would be great. And of course, if you do come out with SM3, you know what we fans will say: SM4? 😉
    Thanks! You’re amazing.

    1. rob

      Just stop. There is no more story lines. Only would be SM3.

  37. Алексей

    Pixelbite, делает отличные продукты. Последнее дополнение было, на мой взгляд, самым лучшим, из всей серии Space Marshals.
    Разработчики создали не просто 12 уникальных, созданных с любовью и вниманием к мелочам и не похожих друг на друга миссий с нелинейной возможностью прохождения, они новую игру создали.
    Дорогие разработчики спасибо за DLC, вы все делаете правильно, продолжайте в том де духе.

  38. Michael

    THANK YOU! I was looking for Space Marshals 3 – hoping to hear some news on that and then I discovered the AVA mission pack. The Space Marshals games are my favorite games on my iPad. Just the perfect mix of playability, strategy and graphics. I can take my time and replay them over trying new strategies. I have to say that I discovered the first one recovering from surgery, then the second one came out when I was recovering from a second surgery. I am off to Europe for some medical treatments and needed something like this to help during this. Please tell all the team how much this game has helped during some tough times. It is much appreciated – keep them coming!

  39. TOB

    OMG guys… SM new devices support update is the best present… I love play with it again on iPad 12.9”… I cant wait for SM2 support updates… I wanna buy DLC… ;P

  40. Q

    Dear developers…I totally love Ava Mission and I’m looking forward for Space Marshall 3 or more Ava mission please…..

  41. anthony

    best game in the apple store love SM 1 and 2 you guys took such a huge step up from SM to SM2 especially with the Ava dlc i love this game series please make a SM3 by the way if you guys ever want to make a game just like SM but different setting like post apocalyptic or like a Lord of the rings type of universe with dwarves, elves, human and such that would be another series of games i would instantly buy, great work guys keep it up, p.s. xenowerks is a great game to still play it today

  42. Arne

    I would like to thank you for this wonderful bonus mission!!
    I don’t know why, but I actually didn’t really see this post and only noticed the mission a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to replay some of the great Ava missions. Keep up the Riot Gun, it is so fun!!!!

  43. Hans Leung

    Hi Pixelbite,
    I really love Space Marshals, I have finished 1 and 2 and I am looking forward for the 3rd version. Thanks for you team that create many interesting missions and special bonus. Finally , I will focus on the lateset news about your games! PS:I am learning English so please pardon my grammar mistakes, haha~

  44. Gabriel Vince Zablan

    Pixelbite -i found your secret

    I don’t wish to talk about it because others might steal it so if you(other players) are reading this. Please don’t.

    I found a secret area. In the base. Using a long range drone. Pixelbite. Please tell me

    What is hidden in the basement by the ladder in the house at base map when you move upper left to edge of bounds

    Then you send a long range drone and keep flying In that direction. I wanna make a YouTube video about it. Please and thank you.

    1. Gabriel Vince Zablan

      Space marshals 2. Ava dlc btw. Thanks

  45. Anonymous

    Печему не поддерживается

  46. Morgan

    Hi !
    I don’t understand how to finish mission with 100%. Can you just tell me what is the boxes, or chest to find ? Is it objects to destroy, or boxes to open, or something else ?
    I just want to know what I have to find…
    Thank you for your help !

  47. Glen

    How are you supposed to finish the missions with 100%? I have tried everything, and nothing is working. Have done various missions loads of times with no change.

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