Tales from the inside


We have found that the save and load system for some of our games do not work properly on iOS 8. We’ve tracked down and fixed this issue now, but the App review process is limiting how fast we can get this patch out. Right now this is predicted to about two weeks, but it can go faster or slower. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused!

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Reckless Racing 3 – Environments

To sum up our chapter about the upcoming environments for Reckless Racing 3 here’s the final announcement of what to expect this fall regarding environment context. The last two environments are called THE ZONE and OFF ROAD ARENA. Where the first mentioned scents a feeling of an east state suburb featuring an old nuclear reactor and industry backgrounds. Giving you a total of 6 racing routes.


The latter environment is the OFF ROAD ARENA. This is a typical Reckless theme that really enables epic dirt drifts! Let loose on a total of 4 routes.

We’re definitely excited about the visual backgrounds for Reckless Racing 3 – Hope y’all out there are too!

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Here’s another sneak peak of background visuals for Reckless Racing 3. Above THE PARK environment is represented.  In this setting you’ll find areas such as a harbor, a golf course and a quarry making up a total of 4 different routes.

Yet another environment context for Reckless Racing 3 is THE VINEYARD. Here you’ll find yourself cruising around in rapid speed feeling like you’re in the outer back of Provence.


Drift around like a champ on beautiful sceneries and let yourself go into the world of RECKLESS!


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Reckless Racing 3 – Logo

We wanted to share part of the logo build process for Reckless Racing 3. As part of any logo development we start off by gathering the graphic design team and discuss ideas and elements that are essential in order to communicate the game as a whole.

For this 3rd edition of Reckless Racing we are taking a clear aim on a streamlined Reckless sensation. Attention lays on a racing experience full of maximum speed, epic drifting, smash able obstacles and lots of dirt. Thus these ingredients play a large part in developing the logo design.

The design process always begins with sketching up several different logo alternatives. May call it a logo bank buildup of numerous logo designs, where bits and pieces are highlighted and used as we move on in the designing process. The favored designs are basically experimented with in color, depth and size, back and forth until we come up with a design that sticks.

In general a logo build is something that takes some time and goes through several approaches until a design feels just right. For this specific logo some restrictions were held since the Reckless brand already is established and we don’t want to confuse the public by developing a logo for RR3 that’s completely unlike prior Reckless Racing logos.

Here’s a visual to demonstrate some of the stages of the Reckless Racing 3 logo build and the headline picture for this post is what we’ve come up with so far. If you guys have some sweet ideas on the logo design for RR3 we always appreciate your input! Feel free to send us your feedback to

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So lets introduce the race routes for RECKLESS RACING 3.

We are releasing a total of 6 environments never seen on iOS and Android: URBAN, THE PARK, THE ZONE, AIRPORT, VINEYARD and OFF ROAD ARENA. Below you’ll see a demonstration of each environment accompanied by all routes.

Route anims PARK


Route anims ZONE


Route anims URBAN



Route anims VINE


Route anims ARENA


Route anims AIRPORT


Stay tuned as we’ll dive deep into each environment in upcoming posts!

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Reckless Racing 3 – Vehicle Design

We’d like to share our thoughts behind the vehicle design in Reckless Racing 3 with you.

Our main priority for the game is to make it feel extra “Reckless”, meaning epic drifts, awesome racetracks and, of course, lots of cool cars. Thus, we’re creating a more diverse selection of vehicles, including everything in-between a sports car and large truck. Even though it might not be realistic to race a sports car against a truck, it sure is a lot of fun! It also adds a little extra depth and variation to the gameplay, since a heavy truck lets you smash right through different obstacles where a smaller vehicle would have to avoid it and take a less optimal route.

We’ve decided to be a little bold for this 3rd installment of Reckless Racing and excluded car performance tuning completely. This lets us create more individual personalities for each vehicle instead and make each and every one behave and feel differently. In the end this makes racing and the choice of ride much more interesting.


“So… how is a RR3 car created?” we asked one of our 3D vehicle artists.

“First we design and model a highly detailed car model – way too much detail to render real-time. This model is called the reference mesh.”

“After that the work to create lower detail models begin. In earlier Reckless Racing games we had different models in the garage and in-game (during the races), but now days phones and tablets are much more powerful so they can handle more detailed models. We’ve decided to use the garage models in-game as well now. It looks great!”

“The reference mesh is then used to generate normal maps and material maps. These are used to add back more detail to the models. Normal maps control, almost per pixel, the angle of the surface and our material maps tell the game engine what material goes where – I.e. glass, chrome, car paints, matte details etc.”

“When all the graphics are done it’s time to add all the technical stuff, like correctly name every separate part of a car, position it right and export it into the game.”

“Then our car physics designer does the rest! Setting up performance and car behaviors…”

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