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Repulze released!

Yet another game release under the belt! This makes for Pixelbite’s 10th game! This time it’s a futuristic hovercraft racer running in a smooth 60fps. Take a look if you enjoy a good speed induced adrenaline rush! In the mean time, we’ll continue working on the upcoming Phases. As usual with our games, the first release is just the beginning!

Go to the game page for more info, or head straight to the App Store. An Android version will follow.


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Reckless Racing Ultimate announced

Pixelbite is excited to announce Reckless Racing Ultimate for Xbox Games for Windows 8. It will be available at launch and can be played on any PC, laptop, or tablet with Windows 8.

Reckless Racing Ultimate is the fusion of both previous Reckless Racing games in one – with added exclusive content and features tailored for Xbox Games and Windows 8. There are 50 beautifully crafted race routes with a selection of 24 cars and trucks to master.

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Reckless Racing 2 released!

And there it is, Reckless Racing 2 is out on the App Store as a universal app and on the Android Market as well. The whole office takes a breath of release celebrating our biggest project yet with a massive cake. Then it is back to work as usual. Reckless Racing 2 may have been released, but the work is far from over. Now it is time to listen to the feedback from all our fans, gather ideas, design new cars, tracks and game modes for upcoming updates. Good times ahead!

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Reckless Getaway released!

Cut to the chase! Reckless Getaway has been released on the App Store and Android Market for $2.99, and even got featured as Game of the week by Apple! Take a look at the release trailer to see what the game is all about. A version optimized for Android is coming soon available now, and our plan is to update the game with additional game modes as well!

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