Here’s another sneak peak of background visuals for Reckless Racing 3. Below THE PARK environment is represented.  In this setting you’ll find areas such as a harbor, a golf course and a quarry making up a total of 4 different routes.


Yet another environment context for Reckless Racing 3 is THE VINEYARD. Here you’ll find yourself cruising around in rapid speed feeling like you’re in the outer back of Provence.


Drift around like a champ on beautiful sceneries and let yourself go into the world of RECKLESS!


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Our latest title Repulze is coming soon!

Finally the super-duper secret “Project Future” is now revealed! The real title for our latest game is Repulze. It’s a futuristic racing game that takes the genre to a new level. With beautiful graphics, super-fluid gameplay based on polarity energy and repulse power technology you’re in for whole new racing treat! In addition you’ll have nine challenging levels to master, six slick hovercrafts to obtain and 10 ranks to climb. Check out the teaser!

UPDATE: Repulze will have multiple game modes, also known as Phases. The first phase to be released is a solo racing time trial where the goal is to push the speed limit to the max!



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