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Repulze – Phase 3 is out!

And there it is, Phase 3 just went live! Get the update now to blast away your opponents on 8 new tracks!

Besides the new tracks, weapons and A.I. opponents, Phase 3 also includes a new hovercraft, new music, graphics options for lower performance devices, tons of new challenges, new ranks to climb, and much more! Enjoy your free update if you already bought the game, or head to the App Store now and pick up the ultimate futuristic racing experience!

Take a look at our game page for more info, screenshots and a trailer.


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Phase 3 combat video

Phase 3 have entered the final stage of development, which means plenty of play testing, polishing and tweaking. It also means that the gameplay is ready to be shown in the first video! So if you have been looking forward to opponents and weapons in Repulze, then this trailer is for you!

Phase 3 also includes several new music tracks made by Scott Lee. The video gives a first taste of his work.



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